The Great Canadian Baking Show

The Great Canadian Baking Show is a Canadian cooking competition television series which premiered on CBC Television on November 1, 2017.[1] It is an adaptation of the U.K. series The Great British Bake Off, which is aired in Canada under the title The Great British Baking Show.[2]

The Great Canadian
Baking Show
GenreReality TV, Baking competition
Presented by
Narrated by
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes25 (including specials)
Executive producer(s)Cathie James
Producer(s)Marike Emery
Production company(s)
Original networkCBC Television
Original releaseNovember 1, 2017 (2017-11-01) 
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For its first two seasons, the show was hosted by Dan Levy and Julia Chan, with French-born Canadian chef Bruno Feldeisen and Canadian-Australian pastry chef Rochelle Adonis as judges.[3][2] Since the third season, the show is hosted by Aurora Browne and Carolyn Taylor, comedians and actors of Baroness von Sketch Show fame, with Feldeisen returning as a judge joined by Canadian chef Kyla Kennaley.[4][5]


Each season of the show features 10 amateur baking contestants selected from across Canada to participate in a competition of themed baking challenges.[2] Adapted from The Great British Bake Off, each episode features three rounds: the Signature Bake, the Technical Challenge, and the Showstopper.[6] After the two judges taste and critique the entries, they determine which contestant is crowned each week's "Star Baker" and which contestant will be sent home.

In each season finale, the final three bakers compete to be named the winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show and take home the GCBS cake stand.[3]


Produced by Proper Television in association with the CBC and Love Productions, the show is filmed on the grounds of the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto during mid-summer,[6][7] then premiered in November for season 1,[2] and September for seasons 2 and 3,[7] on CBC. The executive producer is Cathie James, and the series producer is Marike Emery.[6]

Levy, a self-proclaimed "huge fan" of the British series upon which the show is based, stated that he "actively pursued" the hosting role for the premiere season.[2][8]

CBC Television announced on February 7, 2018 that the series was renewed for a second season, and all hosts and judges would be returning.[9] The series was renewed for a third season in 2019 with judge Bruno Feldeisen being joined by new judge Kyla Kennaley and new hosts Aurora Browne and Carolyn Taylor.[4][10]

Hosts and judges

Hosts/Judges Season
1 2 3 Holiday
Aurora Browne Host
Carolyn Taylor Host
Bruno Feldeisen Judge
Kyla Kennaley Judge
Dan Levy Host
Julia Chan Host
Rochelle Adonis Judge


John Doyle, reviewing the first episode for The Globe and Mail, called the show boring and said that it lacked "the major ingredients of eccentric flair and idiosyncratic contestants [of the original]."[11] Doyle's criticism of host Dan Levy's "feyness" in the review was called homophobic by Levy and others.[12][13] Eater Montreal writer Tim Forster said the show's first episode is "like somebody left the sugar out of the recipe: it looks right, but the flavour is kind of bland" due to a lack of focus on the contestants' stories, which he primarily attributed to poor editing and a rushed pace due to a shorter running time than the British series.[14] Joanna Schneller called the judging by Bruno Feldeisen and Rochelle Adonis "consistently dull" in a review of the second episode for the Toronto Star. She suggested that, like the judges in the original series, they should be instructing on the significance of dishes as well as judging.[15]

Greg David of TV, eh? called the show "unapologetically entertaining" and "a calming oasis amid the noisy negativity we're besieged with," specifically praising the chemistry of hosts Levy and Chan.[16] Katherine DeClerq, reviewing the final episode in Women's Post, said she was "pleasantly surprised" by the series and "while the dry humour could be a bit dryer and the puns slightly less cheesy, I have to say I am in love with The Great Canadian Baking Show."[17]

Season overview

Season Episodes Premiere Finale Winner Runners-up Average viewers
1 8 November 1, 2017 (2017-11-01) December 20, 2017 (2017-12-20) Sabrina Degni Linda Longson 1.4[9]
Vandana Jain
2 8 September 19, 2018 (2018-09-19) November 17, 2018 (2018-11-17) Andrei Godoroja Sachin Seth 1.4[10]
Megan Stasiewich
3 8 September 18, 2019 (2019-09-18) November 6, 2019 (2019-11-06) Nataliia Shevchenko Colin Asuncion
Jodi Robson
Holiday 1 November 13, 2019 (2019-11-13) Timothy Fu James Hoyland
Megan Stasiewich
Vandana Jain

Season 1 (2017)

The inaugural season featured 10 bakers from across Canada competing over eight weeks. The season was won by Sabrina Degni of Montreal, Quebec. Runners-up were Vandana Jain (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Linda Longson (High River, Alberta).

Season 2 (2018)

Auditions for the second season were announced by CBC Television on February 7, 2018.[9] The season began airing on September 19, 2018.[18] The season was won by Andrei Godoroja of Vancouver, British Columbia. Runners-up were Sachin Seth (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and Megan Stasiewich (Leduc, Alberta).

Season 3 (2019)

Auditions for the third season were announced on January 24, 2019[19] with a release date of September 18, 2019.[20] The winner of the season was Nataliia Shevchenko of Edmonton, Alberta.[21] Runners-up were Colin Asuncion (Toronto, Ontario) and Jodi Robson (Regina, Saskatchewan).[21]

The Great Canadian Holiday Baking Show (2019)

CBC announced a holiday special episode of The Great Canadian Baking Show on October 30, 2019 featuring four bakers from the competition's first two seasons: Season 1's Vandana Jain and James Hoyland alongside Season 2's Megan Stasiewich and Timothy Fu.[22]


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