The Great Australian Bake Off (season 3)

The third season of The Great Australian Bake Off premiered on 11 October 2016.[1]

The Great Australian Bake Off (season 3)
Country of originAustralia
No. of episodes10
Original networkLifeStyle Food
Original release11 October (2016-10-11) 
14 December 2016 (2016-12-14)
Season chronology

The Bakers

The following is the list of the bakers that are competing this season:[2]

Baker Age Occupation Hometown Competition Status
Olivia McMahon 37 Fine Dining Waitress Brisbane, Queensland Season Winner
Monica Cavallaro 43 Retail Manager Sydney, New South Wales Season Runner-Up
Antonio Marcora 16 School Student Sydney, New South Wales Season Runner-Up
Liesel Morgan 20 University Student Perth, Western Australia Eliminated (Episode 9)
Fiona Nguyen 32 Patent & Trademark Lawyer Brisbane, Queensland Eliminated (Episode 8)
James Rudd 26 IT Technical Support Perth, Western Australia Eliminated (Episode 7)
Noel Button 59 Retired Teacher Launceston, Tasmania Eliminated (Episode 6)
Jeremy Allan 30 Welding & Vessel Inspector Adelaide, South Australia Eliminated (Episode 5)
Bojan Petrovic 37 Tow Truck Business Owner Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Eliminated (Episode 4)
Diana Gyllen 29 Model Sydney, New South Wales Eliminated (Episode 3)
Cheryl Roberts 59 Horse Trainer Berry, New South Wales Eliminated (Episode 2)
Janette Betts 62 Palliative Care Nurse Melbourne, Victoria Eliminated (Episode 1)

Results Summary

Elimination Chart
MonicaSBSBRunner Up
AntonioSBSBRunner Up

Colour key:

     Got through to the next round     Awarded Star Baker     Season winner
     One of the judges' favourite bakers that week     The baker was eliminated
     One of the judges' least favourite bakers that week     Season runner-up


     The baker was eliminated     Awarded Star Baker     Season winner

Episode 1: Cakes

Baker Signature
(Pear and Amaretto Cake)
(Ombre Cake)
FionaPandan Lamingtons10thBel Air
BojanLime Lamingtons12thForever Blue
OliviaRed Skin Lollipops and Raspberry Jelly Lamingtons8thLemon Delight
JeremyChocolate Cherry Lamingtons1stPiña Colada
LieselGinger and Honey Lamingtons4thFairy
DianaMocha Cherry Lamingtons9thCitrus
JamesGreen Tea Lamingtons3rdHaut et Bas Gateaux
AntonioChocolate Cherry Lamingtons11thFloral and Isomalt
MonicaTiramisu Lamingtons7thBerry
NoelChocolate and Citrus Lamingtons2ndShades of Autumn
CherylMarmalade Lamingtons6thNectar of the Gods
JanetteChocolate Lamingtons5thRose

Episode 2: Biscuits

Baker Signature
(Savoury Biscuits)
(16 Florentine Biscuits)
(Biscuit Landmarks)
JamesParmesan and Chive Biscuits2ndPerth Bell Tower
OliviaOats, Poppy Seed and Black Salt Biscuits3rdGingerbread Arc de Triomphe
MonicaSavoury Macarons8thWorld Landmarks
CherylBlue Cheese, Garlic & Chive Biscuits10thSt. Basil's Cathedral
NoelSavoury Shortbread9thMum's Christmas in Paris
BojanMediterranean Shortbread7thSpicy Sphinx
FionaChilli, Fennel, Thyme and Cheese Biscuits6thPyramids of Giza
JeremyPizza Biscuits11thIndian Spiced Taj Mahal
AntonioSavoury Biscotti1stBig Ben
DianaBacon and Fennel Crackers4thEiffel Tower
LieselPumpkin Seed Oatcakes5thTaj Mahal of Tea

Episode 3: Pies & Tarts

Baker Signature
(4 Pistachio Frangipane Tarts with Roasted Rhubarb and Raspberries)
(Three Tiered Pies)
OliviaBacon and Asparagus Quiche4thThree Tiered Pork Pies
MonicaThree Mushrooms Quiche6thThree Course Meal
NoelSmoked Salmon Quiche9thThree Tiered Frangipane Pies
AntonioPea and Asparagus Quiche7thSweet Cheese Pies
LieselAsparagus, Capsicum and Broccollini Quiche2ndApple Pie
DianaBeef Taco Quiche8thPrincess Pies
FionaZucchini and Feta Quiche5thWinter Fruit Pies
JamesHerbs, Tomato and Pumpkin Quiche3rdPloughman's Lunch
JeremyCurried Egg Quiche10th'Apple Tree' Tiered Pies
BojanChorizo, Spanish Tomatoes and Onions Quiche1stCaramelised Onion Pie

Episode 4: Chocolate

Baker Signature
(Chocolate Slice)
(French Chocolate Dacquoise)
(36 Miniature Chocolate Cakes)
JeremyTower Slice1stChocolate and Raspberry Cakes
NoelHazelnut and Ginger Slice6thNaked Chocolate Cakes
AntonioPassionfruit Caramel and Coconut Slice3rdChocolate, Raspberry and Macadamia Cakes
OliviaCheesecake Brownies7thChocolate and Hazelnut Layered Cakes
MonicaS'mores Slice2ndChocolate and Espresso Cakes
FionaS'more Chocolate Slice5thChocolate and Passionfruit Cakes
BojanChoc Orange Slice9thChocolate Passion Squares
JamesChocolate Orange Slice4thChocolate and Hazelnut Sponge Cakes
LieselZserbó Slice8thChocolate and Mandarin Cakes

Episode 5: Bread

Baker Signature
(6 Burger Buns)
(Fig, Walnut and Fennel Seed Baguettes)
(6 Sweet and 6 Savoury Bagels)
FionaSalmon Burgers6thMatcha Tea and Red Bean Bagels
Nori Bagels
NoelSpelt Bun Burgers8thCinnamon, Orange and Fig Bagels
Onion and Thyme Bagels
MonicaMilk Bun Burgers3rdStrawberry Bagels
French Onion Bagels
JeremyBrioche Burgers7thCraisin and Raspberry Bagels
Spinach, Feta and Pistachio Bagels
AntonioClassic Brioche Burgers1stRum and Raisin Bagels
Beetroot Bagels
OliviaAussie Burgers2ndFrench Toast Bagels
Garlic Bagels
LieselGerman Burgers4thSpiced Orange and Sultana Bagels
Beetroot and Thyme Bagels
JamesJapanese Burgers5thBlueberry Bagels
Onion, Garlic and Fennel Bagels

Episode 6: Retro

Baker Signature
(Swiss Roll)
(12 Neenish Tarts)
(Bombe Alaska)
OliviaSticky Date Swiss Roll7thVolcanic Bombe Alaska
LieselLemon Thyme Swiss Roll1stBombe-bay Alaska
MonicaChai, Apple Jam and Ginger Cream Swiss Roll3rdPumpkin Bombe Alaska
AntonioBanana and Dark Chocolate Swiss Roll2ndTiramisu Bombe Alaska
JamesApricot Jam and White Chocolate Cream Swiss Roll6thCherry Bombe Alaska
FionaYuzu and Ginger Swiss Roll5thWatermelon Bombe Alaska
NoelTraditional Swiss Roll4thTraditional Bombe Alaska

Episode 7: Pastry

Baker Signature
(6 Savoury and 6 Sweet Danishes)
(2 Lamb Wellingtons)
(Choux Pastry Animal Sculpture)
AntonioBlue Cheese and Fig Pockets
Lime Palmiers
2ndExotic Fish
OliviaPersimmon Pillows
Goat's Cheese Twists
3rdUnderwater Turtle
JamesCapsicum and Feta Danishes
Jam and Custards Danishes
5thKoala Bear
MonicaAsparagus and Pancetta Danishes
Cinnamon and Raisin Snails
4thHoot Hoot Owl
LieselSweet Potato Danishes
Rhubarb and Custard Danishes
1stEnglebert the Echidna
FionaFig and Goat's Cheese Danishes
Pistachio and Rhubarb Danishes
6thChinese Zodiac Animals

Episode 8: Sweet Dough

Baker Signature
(24 Iced Finger Buns)
(12 Bienenstiches)
OliviaBlueberry Finger Buns1stSpicy Babka
FionaVietnamese Coffee Finger Buns4thEast Meets West Babka
AntonioVanilla and Coffee Finger Buns2ndPanettone Babka
MonicaCitrulicious Finger Buns5thBabka-Rama
LieselPassionfruit Finger Buns3rdFree-form Babka

Episode 9: International

Baker Signature
(Porcini, Lemon Thyme and Three Cheese soufflé)
("Around the World" Cake)
AntonioRicotta Cheesecake4thGateau Saint Honore
OliviaBlack Forest Cheesecake2ndSchichttorte
MonicaNeapolitan Cheesecake1stPomme Charlotte
LieselGerman Cheesecake3rdSchichttorte

Episode 10: Final

Baker Signature
(Opera Cake)
(Candied Orange and Ricotta Sfogliatelles)
(Dessert Masterpiece)
AntonioFruit Opera Cake1stBrownie Masterpiece
OliviaPassionfruit Opera Cake3rdTropical Masterpiece
MonicaClassic Opera Cake2nd"Ode to Italy" Masterpiece


No. Title Air date Overnight ratings Ref(s)
1 "Cakes" 11 October 2016 96,0003 [3]
2 "Biscuits" 18 October 2016 104,0001 [4]
3 "Pies & Tarts" 25 October 2016 73,0002 [5]
4 "Chocolate" 2 November 2016 97,0001 [6]
5 "Bread" 8 November 2016 68,0002 [7]
6 "Retro" 15 November 2016 107,0001 [8]
7 "Pastry" 22 November 2016 116,0002 [9]
8 "Sweet Dough" 29 November 2016 131,0001 [10]
9 "International" 6 December 2016 146,0001 [11]
10 "Final" 13 December 2016 140,0001 [12]


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