The Golden Disc

The Golden Disc (also known as The In-Between Age) is a 1958 British pop musical film. It features pop singer Terry Dene as himself in a story in which he tops the best-seller charts, whereas in his real life he never made the top ten. The film was directed by Don Sharp, who was married to the leading lady Mary Steele.[1][2][3]

The Golden Disc
US Poster under the title The In-Between Age
Directed byDon Sharp
Produced byW.G Chalmers
Written byDon Sharp
Don Nicholl
Based onstory by Gene Nicholl
StarringMary Steele
Lee Patterson
Terry Dene
Distributed byButchers Film Distributors
Release date
  • 3 August 1958 (1958-08-03)
Running time
78 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

It was re-released on DVD by Renown Pictures Ltd in 2010.[4]


A young man and woman help her aunt open a trendy coffee bar and they discover a singing star.[5]



The film was shot at Walton Studio. It was a vehicle for Terry Dene who had three top twenty hits in Britain.[6]

The film was one of several British pop movies set around coffee bars, others including The Tommy Steele Story, Serious Charge, Beat Girl and Expresso Bongo. [7]


  • ‘I’m Gonna Wrap You Up’ (by Ray Mack, Philip Green) performed by Dennis Lotis
  • ‘Before We Say Goodnight’ (by Norman Newell, Philip Green) performed by Mary Steele
  • ‘Dynamo’ (by Tommy Connor) performed by Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group [8]
  • ‘C’min and be Loved’ (by Len Paverman) performed by Terry Dene
  • ‘Charm’ (by Ray Mack, Philip Green) performed by Terry Dene
  • ‘The In-between Age’ (by Ray Mack, Philip Green) performed by Sheila Buxton
  • ‘Let Me Lie’ (by Sonny & Stewart) performed by Sonny Stewart and his Skiffle Kings
  • ‘Candy Floss’ (by Len Paverman) performed by Terry Dene
  • ‘Lower Deck’ (by Phil Seamon) performed by Phil Seamon Jazz Group
  • ‘Balmoral Melody’ (by Philip Green) performed by Murray Campbell
  • ‘Johnny O’ (by Len Praverman) performed by Nancy Whiskey and Sonny Stewart and his Skiffle Kings

‘The Golden Age’ (by Michael Robbins, Richard Dix) performed by Terry Dene.


The film was not a success at the box office, a factor which was thought to have contributed to Dene showing symptoms of unstable behaviour.[6]


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