The Glory of Yolanda

The Glory of Yolanda is a lost[1] 1917 silent film romantic drama directed by Marguerite Bertsch and starring Anita Stewart. It was produced by the Vitagraph Company of America and distributed by V-L-S-E, a releasing company whose name is composed of the initials of Vitagraph, Lubin, Selig and Essanay.[2]

The Glory of Yolanda
Film poster
Directed byMarguerite Bertsch
Produced byVitagraph Company of America(Blue Ribbon brand)
Written byMaibelle Heikes Justice
StarringAnita Stewart
CinematographyFred Held
Distributed byV-L-S-E, Incorporated
Release date
January 20, 1917
Running time
5 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles


  • Anita Stewart - Yolanda
  • John Ardizoni - Grand Duke Boris
  • Denton Vane - Prince Drolinski
  • Evart Overton - Alexander
  • Mr. Turin - Serge
  • Bernard Siegel - Paul
  • Madam Roimonda - Olga


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