The Girl in Room 2A

The Girl in Room 2A (Italian: La Casa della Paura) is a 1974 giallo film directed by William Rose, starring Daniela Giordano and Angelo Infanti.

The Girl in Room 2A
Directed byWilliam Rose
Produced byDick Randall
StarringDaniela Giordano
Music byBerto Pisano
Release date
July 1974
Running time
84 minutes


Margaret Bradley is young girl just paroled from jail who rents a room in house owned by Mrs. Grant. Soon, she is being stalked by a sadistic cult lead by a mysterious killer in red vestments.



Donald Guarisco from Allmovie criticized the film's cinematography, "amateurish performances", "limp" pacing, and direction. Guarisco concluded his review by writing, "The Girl In Room 2A is such an uninspired proposition that even hardcore giallo fans might want to think twice about watching it."[1] Sean Becktel from wrote, "The Girl in Room 2A seems to know exactly what it is, and to cater to it’s [sic] audience. It achieves a formulaic deliverance, while staying fun, enjoyable, and ultimately entertaining."[2] Terror Trap gave the film 2.5 out of 4 stars, stating the film was "at times incomprehensible" but still great fun.[3] Brett Gallman from Oh, the Horror valeld it "one of the more dull and dry entries of the genre".[4]


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