The Girl in Possession

The Girl in Possession is a 1934 British comedy film starring Laura La Plante and Henry Kendall and directed by Monty Banks, who also wrote the screenplay and featured in the film himself.

The Girl in Possession
Directed byMonty Banks
Produced byIrving Asher
Written byMonty Banks
StarringLaura La Plante
Henry Kendall
CinematographyBasil Emmott
Distributed byWarner Brothers-First National Productions
Release date
March 1934
Running time
72 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

The film was a quota quickie production shot at Twickenham Studios, with La Plante as wisecracking New York girl Eve Chandler who receives the good news that she has inherited a large country estate in England. She crosses the Atlantic with her pal Julie, only to find that things are not as straightforward as she had been led to believe. Complications ensue as she crosses paths with a silly-ass toff (Claude Hulbert), an unscrupulous continental lothario (Banks) and a snobbish butler (Charles Paton) before she manages to sort matters out with the help of the kindly Sir Mortimer (Kendall), with whom she falls in love.


Preservation status

The Girl in Possession is classed by the British Film Institute as a lost film.[1]

When in February 1956, Jack Warner sold the rights to all of his pre-December 1949 films; indlusing (The Girl in Possession) to Associated Artists Productions (which merged with United Artists Television in 1958, and later was subsequently acquired by Turner Broadcasting System in early 1986 as part of a failed takeover of MGM/UA by Ted Turner).


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