The Gallery (album)

The Gallery is the second full-length studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity, released on November 27, 1995. It was the first full-length release to feature Mikael Stanne on vocals, as he was previously the rhythm guitarist.

The Gallery
Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 27, 1995
RecordedApril–May 1995
StudioStudio Fredman
GenreMelodic death metal
ProducerDark Tranquillity, Fredrik Nordström
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Of Chaos and Eternal Night
The Gallery
Enter Suicidal Angels
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In 2004, Century Media Records re-released The Gallery with new layouts and five cover songs as bonus tracks.


  • On the band's live album, Where Death Is Most Alive, vocalist Mikael Stanne has stated that the song "Edenspring" is about drinking.
  • Live versions of songs on The Gallery have been recorded for the band's live albums.
    • "Punish My Heaven" and "Lethe" are featured on the Live Damage album.
    • "Edenspring", "Lethe" and "Punish My Heaven" are featured on the "Where Death Is Most Alive" album.
      • "Punish My Heaven" was preceded by the track "Yesterworld" from the "A Moonclad Reflection" EP and later on the Yesterworlds compilation album.

Live Performances

When the band plays songs from "The Gallery" live, they tune down to their usual D♭ tuning, rather than E♭ tuning, which was the tuning for this album and Haven.

  • "Punish My Heaven" has been played very often since its release.
  • "Lethe" has also been played often since the release of "The Gallery".
    • Most of the song's intro is cut out. During the band's earlier tours, the intro has been played on Bass. However, the band has shifted to playing the intro on a keyboard.
  • "Edenspring" was often played during shows during the tours of The Gallery and The Mind's I. It returned to the band's setlist during the "Where Death is Most Alive Tour".
  • "The Gallery" was played in a few shows during the "Projector" and "Haven" tours. It returned to the band's setlist during the touring cycle for We Are the Void.
  • "Silence, and the Firmament Withdrew" was played during many shows in the touring cycle for The Gallery. It was also in during a few shows during the Haven touring cycle. It returned to the band's setlist during the European Leg of the Construct tour.
  • "The Dividing Line" was played in a few shows during The Gallery Tour.

Critical reception

The Gallery is considered a classic album of the Gothenburg style of metal, along with At the Gates' Slaughter of the Soul and In Flames' The Jester Race,[3] exhibiting the dual guitar leads, growled vocals and acoustic sections typical of the genre.

John Serba, writing for Allmusic, wrote that the album "is a transcendent work from one of the underdogs of the genre -- a bona fide masterpiece that helped further stretch the boundaries of death metal in the '90s."[1]

This album was inducted into Decibel magazine's hall of fame in its April 2010 issue. Chris Dick, in the article accompanying the induction, stated that "no recording at the time or since bears resemblance to its power and sophistication."[4]

Track listing

1."Punish My Heaven"Stanne, SundinJohansson, Sundin, Jivarp4:46
2."Silence, and the Firmament Withdrew"Sundin, StanneSundin, Henriksson2:36
3."Edenspring"StanneSundin, Johansson4:30
4."The Dividing Line"StanneJivarp, Johansson, Sundin,5:01
5."The Gallery"Stanne, SundinHenriksson4:07
6."The One Brooding Warning"StanneHenriksson, Johansson, Sundin4:14
7."Midway Through Infinity"StanneSundin, Henriksson, Jivarp, Johansson3:30
9."The Emptiness from Which I Fed"StanneHenriksson, Sundin, Johansson5:43
10."Mine Is the Grandeur..." (Instrumental) Henriksson, Sundin2:26
11."...of Melancholy Burning"StanneHenriksson6:16
Total length:47:48

Release history

Date Note
April 5, 2005 Reissue


Dark Tranquillity



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