The Fuller Report

The Fuller Report (Italian: Rapporto Fuller, base Stoccolma, French: Trahison à Stockholm) is a 1968 Italian-French Eurospy film directed by Sergio Grieco and starring Ken Clark and Beba Loncar.[1][2] The theme song "Touch of Kiss" is performed by Lara Saint Paul.[2]

The Fuller Report
Directed bySergio Grieco
Produced byEdmondo Amati
Written bySandro Continenza
Roberto Gianviti
Alberto Silvestri
Franco Verucci
StarringKen Clark
Beba Loncar
Music byArmando Trovajoli
CinematographyStelvio Massi
Release date
  • 1968 (1968)


Dick Worth is a race car driver and becomes entangled in espionage.



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