The Fortune Hunter (1927 film)

The Fortune Hunter is a lost[2] 1927 silent film comedy directed by Charles Reisner and starring Syd Chaplin. It is based on the 1909 Broadway play The Fortune Hunter by Winchell Smith.[3] It was produced by Warner Brothers who released it with a Vitaphone soundtrack.[4]

The Fortune Hunter
Directed byCharles Reisner
Sandy Roth(ass't director)
Produced byWarner Brothers
Written byBryan Foy
Robert Dillon
Based onplay The Fortune Hunter by Winchell Smith c.1909
StarringSyd Chaplin
CinematographyEdwin B. DuPar
Distributed byWarner Brothers
Release date
Nov. 7, 1927
Running time
7 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles
Budget$197,000 [1]
Box office$334,000[1]


Box Office

According to Warner Bros records the film earned $215,000 domestically and $119,000 foreign.[1]

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