The Forgotten Pistolero

The Forgotten Pistolero (Italian: Il pistolero dell'Ave Maria, lit. "The Gunman of Hail Mary") is a 1969 Italian Spaghetti Western film co-written and directed by Ferdinando Baldi. The film is a western adaptation of the Greek myth of Orestes, subject of three famous drama-plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides.[1][2] Ulrich P. Bruckner puts it among the "most interesting and most touching Spaghetti Westerns of the late sixties".[3]

The Forgotten Pistolero
Directed byFerdinando Baldi
Produced byManolo Bolognini
Screenplay byVincenzo Cerami
Pier Giovanni Anchisi
Mario di Nardo
Federico De Urrutia
Ferdinando Baldi
Based onOresteia
by Aeschylus
StarringLeonard Mann
Luciana Paluzzi
Peter Martell
Piero Lulli
Music byRoberto Pregadio
CinematographyMario Montuori
Edited byEugenio Alabiso
B.R.C. Produzione
Ízaro Films
Distributed byProduzioni Atlas Consorziate (P.A.C.)
Release date
  • 17 October 1969 (1969-10-17)
Running time
91 minutes


When he returns home from war the Mexican general Juan Carrasco is killed by the lover of his wife Anna and by Anna as well. The victim's children run away with their nanny but fifteen years later they come back for revenge. Anna and Tomas want to have them killed but their henchmen fail them. It turns out Anna is not the real mother of the dead general's children.



Wild East Productions released this on a limited edition DVD in 2007 with The Unholy Four.

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