The Forest Rangers

The Forest Rangers was a Canadian television series that ran from 1963 to 1965.[1] It was a co-production between CBC Television and ITC Entertainment and was Canada's first television show produced in colour. Executive producer Maxine Samuels founded the show.

The Forest Rangers
GenreChildren's adventure
Written byLindsay Galloway (most episodes)
StarringGraydon Gould
Rex Hagon
Michael Zenon
Gordon Pinsent
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes104
Executive producer(s)Maxine Samuels
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)A.S.P. Productions Ltd.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Incorporated Television Company
DistributorNBC Films
Original networkCBC Television
Original releaseDecember 1963 

The series ran for three seasons, a total of 104 30-minute colour episodes (although Canadian and UK audiences would not get to see them in colour until long after the series ended). Early episodes of the series were broadcast in serialized form as part of a CBC children's series entitled Razzle Dazzle, hosted by Alan Hamel and Michelle Finney.[2]

This was the first appearance in a major series by Gordon Pinsent. He left the series in 1965 to star in Quentin Durgens, M.P.. In 1966 the series was adapted into a comic strip by British comics artist John Gillatt, which appeared in the British comic magazine Tiger.[3][4]

In June 2004, there was a reunion for ex-cast and fans just south of Kleinburg, where the show was originally filmed. Six of the ex-junior rangers appeared and Peter Tully flew in from his home in Ireland.[5] Another reunion occurred 15 June 2013 at the actual studios where the show was filmed. This time nine junior rangers and Gordon Pinsent were in attendance.[6]

The show's first season was released on DVD by Imavision in early 2007.

Main cast

  • Graydon Gould as Chief Ranger George Keeley
  • Rex Hagon as Junior Ranger Peter Keeley
  • Michael Zenon as Joe Two Rivers
  • Gordon Pinsent as Sergeant Scott
  • Rolland Bédard as Uncle Raoul
  • Ralph Endersby as Junior Ranger Chub Stanley
  • Peter Tully as Junior Ranger Mike Forbes
  • Susan Conway as Junior Ranger Kathy
  • Syme Jago as Junior Ranger Gaby La Roche
  • Joe Austin as MacLeod
  • Eric Clavering as Shingwauk
  • Tom Harvey as Deputy Ranger Brody
  • Eric Cryderman as Ranger Matt Craig
  • Ronald Cohoon as Junior Ranger Zeke
  • George Allan as Junior Ranger Ted
  • Mathew Ferguson as Junior Ranger Danny Bailey
  • Barbara Hamilton as Aggie Apple
  • Ray Bellew as Rocky Webb
  • Trudy Young as Wilhelmina

Episode list

There are two episode order lists. This episode list is in sequence by filming date order. The other list is in sequence by episode title order. Some episodes were given different titles on film to those given in the TV guides of different countries.[1]

Season 1Season 2Season 3
  1. "Foster Boy"
  2. "The Prospector"
  3. "Spike"
  4. "Beaver"
  5. "The Horse Doctor"
  6. "The Bear Trap"
  7. "The Bird Watchers"
  8. "Indian Joe's Story"
  9. "The Chase"
  10. "High Graders"
  11. "The Rattlesnake"
  12. "The Dog"
  13. "Dog Catcher"
  14. "Brannigan's Daughter"
  15. "Timmy"
  16. "The Liar"
  17. "The Rescue"
  18. "Uncle Raoul and the Bear"
  19. "The Bear Story"
  20. "The Horse"
  21. "The Proof" [7]
  22. "The Secret Drawer"
  23. "The Souvenir"
  24. "The Rolling Stones" [8]
  25. "The Balloon"
  26. "The Poacher"
  27. "The Loner"
  28. "The Pitfall"
  29. "Keeley's Cousin"
  30. "Kidnapped"
  31. "Chub's Story"
  32. "The Hero"
  33. "The Wolverine"
  34. "Survival"
  35. "The Colonel"
  36. "The Deputy"
  37. "Dentist's Dilemma"
  38. "A Christmas Story"
  39. "Odd Numbers"
  40. "The Game Reserve"
  1. "The Deal"
  2. "Hidden Gold"
  3. "The Strike"
  4. "Ghost at Hoot Owl Lake"
  5. "Let There be Rain"
  6. "Aggie"
  7. "The Wendigo"
  8. "Kitten in the Bush"
  9. "A Stranger To Himself"
  10. "Wild Boy"
  11. "Surprise Party"
  12. "Lennie"
  13. "Kathy and the Leprechaun"
  14. "The Haunted Island"
  15. "Lost"
  16. "Bronco Smith"
  17. "The Bush Pilot"
  18. "Interchangeable Parts"
  19. "Uncle Raoul's Moose"
  20. "His Majesty"
  21. "The Reluctant Prize Fighter"
  22. "Little Big Shot"
  23. "Wild Man of the Woods"
  24. "The River"
  25. "The Adventurer"
  26. "The Bear Rug"
  27. "The Shooting Match"
  28. "The Haunted House"
  29. "Ride with a Stranger"
  30. "Buck Fever"
  31. "Gold Nuggets"
  1. "Santa MacLeod"
  2. "The Choice"
  3. "The Wolf"
  4. "The Wolf Spirit"
  5. "Hole in the Ice"
  6. "The Gunshot"
  7. "The Escape"
  8. "Deadly Friend"
  9. "Not in the Book"
  10. "The Dream"
  11. "The Avenger"
  12. "The White Hunter"
  13. "The Great Hypnotist"
  14. "The Man from Nowhere"
  15. "Deadline"
  16. "Shipment X"
  17. "Jimmy Twenty"
  18. "Indian River A-Go-Go"
  19. "Poison Lake"
  20. "Willie and Starlight"
  21. "Unjust World"
  22. "The Mystery Dog"
  23. "The Bulldozer"
  24. "The Albino Beaver"
  25. "Uncle Raoul and the Three Bears"
  26. "Macleod and the Talking Bear"
  27. "Death Dance"
  28. "The Invaders"
  29. "The World's Strongest Man"
  30. "Joe's Revenge"
  31. "Raoul and the Thunderbolt"
  32. "The Lost Tribe"
  33. "The Ojibway Beat"

Filming locations


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