The Flying Scot (film)

The Flying Scot is a 1957 British crime film produced and directed by Compton Bennett and starring Lee Patterson, Kay Callard and Alan Gifford. [1] The film was released in the U.S. as Mailbag Robbery.[2]

The Flying Scot
Directed byCompton Bennett
Produced byCompton Bennett
Written byNorman Hudis
Jan Read
Ralph Smart
StarringLee Patterson
Kay Callard
Alan Gifford
Music byStanley Black
CinematographyPeter Hennessy
Edited byJohn Trumper
Release date
Running time
70 min
CountryUnited Kingdom


A gang plans to steal a half-a-million pounds worth of banknotes from an express train.


Critical reception

TV Guide wrote, "The suspense is well built in this finely constructed feature":[3] while Sky Movies called it "An unheralded low-budget thriller which contains twice as much suspense as many more lavish productions. Taut, crisp, with a conspicuous absence of big name stars, it is a prime example of the British B-movie at its best. With a bit of Hitchcock here and a touch of Rififi there (a 15-minute sequence is acted in complete silence), the suspense is built up to a climax which leaves one hoping that just this once, crime will be allowed to pay." [4]

It was one of 15 films selected by Steve Chibnall and Brian McFarlane in The British 'B' Film, their survey of British B films, as among the most meritorious of the B films made in Britain between World War II and 1970. They note that it was shot in just three weeks on a budget of £18,000 and describe it as "a film not just of suspense, but of real fascination".[5]


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