The Fluid

The Fluid was an American rock band from Denver, formed in 1984 who disbanded in 1993, but reconvened in 2008.

The Fluid
The Fluid, 1993
Background information
Also known asMadhouse
OriginDenver, Colorado, United States
GenresGarage rock, punk rock
Years active1984–1993, 2008
Sub Pop
Associated actsNirvana
'57 Lesbian
WebsiteSub Pop: The Fluid
Past membersJohn Robinson
Matt Bischoff
James Clower
Rick Kulwicki
Garrett Shavlik


The Fluid were originally called Madhouse. After early 1980s Denver punk band Frantix broke up, bassist Matt Bischoff, drummer Garrett Shavlik and guitarist James Clower began playing as Madhouse. On July 5, with new band members Rick Kulwicki (guitar) and John Robinson (vocals), they played their first gig at the German House (Denver Turnverein) as "The Fluid", which was the only name all five members could agree upon.

In 1986 the Fluid released their first album, Punch N Judy on Rayon Records. The album was also licensed to and released by the German label Glitterhouse. They toured for the next two years in support of the album. In 1988, they released the album Clear Black Paper on Sub Pop. They were the first non-Seattle band to sign to the record label.

After The Fluid

After the Fluid broke up, drummer Garrett Shavlik started the band Spell (not Boyd Rice's band of the same name) who were signed for a time to Island Records.[1]

Bassist Matt Bischoff started the band '57 Lesbian.[2]

2008 reunion

The Fluid reunited to perform at Sub-Pop Records 20th Anniversary at Redmond's Marymoor Park in Seattle in July 2008. This was preceded by a June 20 show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver.

Their guitarist, Rick Kulwicki, died on February 15, 2011, at the age of 49.[3]




  • Punch N Judy (1986) (Rayon & Glitterhouse)
  • Clear Black Paper (1988) (Glitterhouse & Sub Pop)
  • Roadmouth (1989) (Sub Pop & Glitterhouse)
  • Purplemetalflakemusic (1993) (Hollywood)


  • Freak Magnet (1989 - Glitterhouse)
  • Glue (1990 - Sub Pop & Glitterhouse)


  • "Tin Top Toy" b/w "Tomorrow" (1989) (Sub Pop SP57)
  • Split 7" with Loveslug - Madhouse (live) b/w Free Fire Zone (live) (1989) (Glitterhouse GR0057)
  • Split 7" with Nirvana - Candy (live) b/w Molly's Lips (live) (1991) (Sub Pop SP97)
  • Spot the Loon EP (CD) (1992) (Fellaheen)
  • "On My Feet" (Hollywood - white vinyl promo) (1993) (Hollywood)
  • "Live 1988" (bootleg)
  • "Cold Outside" b/w "Tell Me Things" (2012) (Blitzkrieg Records BR-001)


  • "Oh Shit" - Something's Gone Wrong Again: The Buzzcocks Covers Compilation
  • "Is it Day I'm Seeing" - Sub Pop 200
  • "Tomorrow" - The Grunge Years
  • "Don't Wanna Play" - Colorado Crew Vol. 3: Is This My Donut? (Donut Crew Records, 1990)


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