The First Stone (Rebus)

The First Stone is a 2007 episode of STV's Rebus television series. It was the second episode broadcast in the show's fourth season, and starred Ken Stott in the title role. The episode was based on an Ian Rankin short story.[1]

"The First Stone"
Rebus episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 2
Directed byMorag Fullerton
Story byIan Rankin
Teleplay byColin Bateman
Original air dateOctober 2007 (STV)
Guest appearance(s)


Rebus is called to investigate the murder of a Church of Scotland minister, whose body is discovered during the General Assembly at which he was to be elected Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church. of Scotland. At first the solution seems straightforward, but Rebus finds there are secrets in the man's past which provide the real explanation.

The script was written by Colin Bateman, and based on a sub-plot in the short story "Atonement" written in 2005 for a collection of short stories by Rankin.



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