The Firm Man

The Firm Man is a 1975 film which was the directorial debut of John Duigan.

The Firm Man
Directed byJohn Duigan
Produced byJohn Duigan
Written byJohn Duigan
StarringPeter Cummins
CinematographySasha Trikojus
Edited byTony Patterson
Release date
7 March 1975
Running time
100 mins


Gerald Baxter, a middle aged businessman, starts a new job at a company called the Firm where his only jobs are collecting occasional messages. Gerald becomes bored and alienated from his life and wife. He befriends a girl who offers him another life but in the end conforms.


  • Peter Cummins as Gerald Baxter
  • Eileen Chapman as Melissa
  • Bethany Lee as the girl
  • Peter Carmondy as Barry
  • Dianne Preston as Christie
  • Sarah Chapman as Sally
  • Marie Keenan as pub lady
  • John Preston as Melissa's lover
  • Max Gillies as managing director


The film was shot in Victoria partly with funds provided by the Australia Council. Filming took four weeks over the summer of 1974 using actors with whom Duigan had worked in the theatre.[1]


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