The Fellowship of the Frog

The Fellowship of the Frog is a 1925 crime novel by the British writer Edgar Wallace.[1] It was part of a series of books featuring the character Inspector Elk of Scotland Yard.

The Fellowship of the Frog
AuthorEdgar Wallace
CountryUnited Kingdom
SeriesInspector Elk
Publication date
Media typePrint
Preceded byThe Nine Bears 

Film adaptations

In 1937 it was turned into a British film The Frog directed by Jack Raymond and starring Gordon Harker as Elk. Due to its popularity it was followed by a sequel The Return of the Frog the next year.

In 1959 the West German film Der Frosch mit der Maske film was made, inspired the novel. It commenced a lengthy series of Wallace adaptations made by Rialto Film made over the following decade.


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