The Eternal Spring

The Eternal Spring (German: Der ewige Quell) is a 1940 German drama film directed by Fritz Kirchhoff and starring Eugen Klöpfer, Bernhard Minetti and Lina Carstens. It is part of the tradition of Heimatfilm.[1]

The Eternal Spring
Directed byFritz Kirchhoff
Produced byOttmar Ostermayr
Written by
  • Hans Joachim Beyer
  • Johannes Linke (novel)
  • Felix Lützkendorf
Music byAnton Profes
Edited byGottlieb Madl
Distributed byBavaria Film
Release date
  • 19 January 1940 (1940-01-19)
Running time
87 minutes

It was shot at the Bavaria Studios in Munich. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Ludwig Reiber and Rudolf Pfenninger.


  • Eugen Klöpfer as Lohhofbauer
  • Bernhard Minetti as Wolfgang Lusinger
  • Lina Carstens as Lohhofbäuerin
  • Käte Merk as Maria
  • Alexander Trojan as Hannes
  • Hannes Keppler as Ludwig
  • Albert Hörrmann as Dr. Iwan Wollinsky
  • Carl Wery as Sprecher der Bauern
  • Georg Vogelsang as Großknecht
  • Luis Rainer as Alter Lusinger
  • Elise Aulinger as Moosbäuerin
  • Fritz Reiff as Richter
  • Otto Fassler as 1. Herr der Regierungs-Kommission
  • Julius Königsheim as Knecht Toni
  • Ludwig Schmid-Wildy as Wirt
  • Charles Willy Kayser as 2. Her der Regierungs-Kommission
  • Heinz Burkart as Juwelier
  • Heinrich Hauser as Goldschmied
  • Eugen Schöndorfer as Beamter
  • Julius Frey as Metzger
  • Hans Hanauer as Bauer
  • Erich Teibler as Bub
  • Georg Holl as Gendarm
  • Fritz Wagner as 2. Knecht
  • Else Sensburg as Großmagd
  • Willimarie Knoll as Jungmagd
  • Konrad Feldmaier as 1. Knecht


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