The Eleven Schill Officers (1926 film)

The Eleven Schill Officers (German: Die elf Schill'schen Offiziere) is a 1926 German silent historical film directed by Rudolf Meinert and starring Meinert, Gustav Adolf Semler, Grete Reinwald and Leopold von Ledebur. The film depicts the failed 1809 uprising of Prussian soldiers led by Ferdinand von Schill against the occupying French during the Napoleonic War. The film received poor reviews from critics, but earned enough at the box office to offset its production costs.[1]

The Eleven Schill Officers
Directed byRudolf Meinert
Produced byRudolf Meinert
Written by
CinematographyLudwig Lippert
Internationale Film
Distributed byMeinert Film
Release date
  • 27 August 1926 (1926-08-27)

According to IMDB, it was released in the USA as "Eleven Who Were Loyal" in 1929. A NY Times review which also covers several other movies of that same date is available online dated from May 20, 1929.

It was part of the cycle of Prussian films. The film was remade by Meinert as a sound film The Eleven Schill Officers in 1932 with Carl de Vogt cast as Schill.



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