The Dude Goes West

The Dude Goes West is a 1948 film starring Eddie Albert and Gale Storm from King Brothers Productions. It was directed by Kurt Neumann and released by Monogram Pictures. The movie was originally known as Tombstone.[1]

The Dude Goes West
Directed byKurt Neumann
Produced byFrank King
Maurice King
Screenplay byMary Loos
Richard Sale
StarringEddie Albert
Gale Storm
James Gleason
Music byEdward J. Kay
CinematographyKarl Struss
Edited byRichard V. Heermance
Distributed byMonogram Pictures
Release date
30 May 1948 (USA)
Running time
87 mins.


A gunsmith and a marksman, Daniel Bone closes up his Brooklyn, New York business and travels west, where he feels he belongs. On a train, he encounters passenger Liza Crockett, then sees her purse being stolen by a man Dan confronts, disarms and throws off the train.

The man turns out to be a notorious outlaw, the Pecos Kid, who vows revenge against "the dude" who interfered with his holdup. Liza, however, mistakenly believes Dan was the one who tried to steal her bag. On their way to Arsenic City, Nevada, where a map to her father's gold mine might make Liza a wealthy woman, both she and Dan end up traveling from Carson City in a buckboard. Indians capture them, but Dan's knowledge of their language impresses the tribe's chief.

After arriving in Arsenic City, the two encounter another outlaw, Texas Jack Barton, and a corrupt saloonkeeper, Kiki Kelly, who are all interested in the mine. Dan finds the map, memorizes it and burns it. He falls in love with Liza and leads her to the gold. When the outlaws ambush them, their new Indian friends ride to their rescue.



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