The Dream Catchers

The Dream-Catchers (Simplified Chinese: 未来不是梦) is a Singaporean Chinese modern romance drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It stars Rui En, Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Shaun Chen, Elvin Ng, Paige Chua, Nat Ho & Dawn Yeoh as the casts of the series. It made its debut on 4 February 2009 and ended on 3 March 2009. This drama serial consists of 20 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9:00 pm.

The Dream Catchers
GenreRomance, Engineering
StarringRui En
Tay Ping Hui
Jesseca Liu
Shaun Chen
Elvin Ng
Paige Chua
Nat Ho
Dawn Yeoh
Opening theme拭目以待 by 林倛玉 (红毛派)
Ending theme安全区 by 林倛玉
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes20
Producer(s)Yeo Saik Pin (杨锡彬)
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes per episode
Original networkMediaCorp Channel 8
Original release4 February 
3 March 2009
Preceded byReunion Dinner
Followed byHousewives' Holiday
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This drama is known for having cast members consisting mainly of young actors and actresses, and travelled to Japan and Bintan for filming.

The Singapore Economic Development Board is the main sponsor for this series.

Note: This show is actually called "The Dream-Catchers" with a hyphen, but to change the page title would be a hassle so it's left as that.


Main cast

Cast Role Description
Rui En
Lin Jiaqi
Aerospace engineer for Singapore Airlines, Artist
Jiale's younger sister
Jiajie's elder sister
Guodong's daughter
Sato's girlfriend and later wife
In love with Chengfeng but later got over him
Shanshan's rival in love
Cannot tolerate blemishes in her life
Went to Japan with Sato for a course in episode 11
Went to Sato's hometown Yamagata in episode 12
Returned from Japan and invited Sato home in episode 16
Left for Japan with Sato in episode 20
Pregnant with Sato's child in episode 20
Tay Ping Hui
Wang Zhiwei
Electrical engineer for Chartered, Manager of Plant 7
Peipei's elder half-brother
Wang Qiang and Aili's son
Jiale's boyfriend and superior
Hates his father for neglecting his family
Found out it was Jiale who saved him in episode 5
Accidentally kissed Jiale in episode 5
Got stabbed while saving Jiajie in episode 9
Reconciled with Peipei in episode 11
Promoted to factory manager in the new plant in episode 19
Reconciled with Wang Qiang in episode 20
Married Jiale in episode 20
Jesseca Liu
Lin Jiale
Electrical engineer for Chartered at Plant 7
Jiaqi and Jiajie's elder sister
Zhiwei's girlfriend and subordinate
Yuanjing's good friend
Xiaowei's rival in love
Believes she has a love curse
Thought Zhiwei was an unfilial son and posted his video online in episode 1
Saved Zhiwei in an evacuation drill in episode 2
Accidentally kissed Zhiwei in episode 5
Took a three-month no-pay leave in episode 19
Married Zhiwei in episode 20
Shaun Chen
Jiang Chengfeng
Precision engineer for Makino
Shanshan's ex-fiancé
In love with Jiaqi
Sato's rival in love
Went to Japan to look for Jiaqi in episode 13
Won the Outstanding Technology Award with his mobile dialysis machine in episode 20
Elvin Ng
Aerospace engineer for Singapore Airlines
From Japan
Jiaqi's boyfriend and later husband
Chengfeng's rival in love
Went back to Japan with Jiaqi for a course in episode 11
Took Jiaqi to his home town Yamagata in episode 12
Returned from Japan and went to Jiaqi's home in episode 16
Went back to Japan with Jiaqi for good in episode 20
Had a child with Jiaqi in episode 20
Nat Ho
Lin Jiajie
Precision engineer for Makino, Dancer
English name: Elvin
Jiale and Jiaqi's younger brother
Guodong's son
Peipei's boyfriend
Stopped Peipei from taking Ecstasy in episode 1
Forced to traffic drugs to save Peipei in episode 9
Won a special award in the dance competition in episode 20
Dawn Yeoh
Wang Peipei
English name: Stephanie
Zhiwei's younger half-sister
Wang Qiang's daughter
Has a dance hostess for a mother
Mother ran off with another man when she was 7
Used to be a juvenile delinquent
Stopped by Jiajie from taking Ecstasy in episode 1
Turned over a new leaf in episode 11
Won a special award in the dance competition in episode 20
Paige Chua
Zhang Xiaowei
Ruixiang's daughter
Used to like Zhiwei
Jiale's rival in love
Yuanjing's girlfriend
Loves to play soccer
Got into an accident in episode 19
Recovered in episode 20
Zhang Zhenhuan
Hu Yuanjing
Electrical engineer for Chartered at Plant 7
From China
Used to like Jiale
Zhiwei's rival in love
Xiaowei's boyfriend
Confessed to Jiale via a DVD in episode 8

Other cast

Cast Role Description
Eelyn Kok
Li Shanshan
Chengfeng's ex-fiancée
Jiaqi's rival in love
Caused the folding of Chengfeng's father's business
Indirectly caused the death of Chengfeng's father
Consistently harasses Chengfeng
Sold her house to raise funds for Chengfeng in episode 10
Got into a car accident to stop Chengfeng from going to Japan in episode 13
Slapped by Chengfeng in episode 17
Fell down the stairs and became crippled in episode 20
Lin Meijiao
Zheng Aili
Zhiwei's mother
Wang Qiang's ex-wife
Hong Peixing
Wang Qiang
Zhiwei and Peipei's father
Aili's ex-husband
Tried to sell his newborn baby boy in episode 13
Arrested for selling contraband cigarettes in episode 13
Released from prison in episode 17
Goes into a coma from overdose of aphrodisiacs in episode 18
Got a job as a security guard in episode 20
Turned over a new leaf in episode 20
Richard Low
Lin Guodong
Precision engineer for Makino
Nickname: Lim-san
Jiale, Jiaqi and Jiajie's father
Initially disapproved of Chengfeng for Jiaqi
Approved of Chengfeng for Jiaqi in episode 8
Initially disapproved of Peipei for Jiajie
Approved of Peipei for Jiajie in episode 20
Yan Bingliang
Zhang Ruixiang
Xiaowei's father
Li Wenhai
Ye Xingyao
Zhiwei's superior
Desmond Tan
Will Aerospace engineer
Sato and Jiaqi's colleague
Chen Chuanzhi
Max Aerospace engineer
Sato and Jiaqi's colleague


Lin Jia Le (Jesseca Liu), Lin Jia Qi (Rui En), Wang Zhi Wei (Tay Ping Hui) and Jiang Cheng Feng (Shaun Chen) are 4 young engineers from different arena but with the same dream of making the world a better place for mankind. In the pursuit of their dreams, their path crosses.

Jia Le always feels that she is cursed and misfortune will befall any man she falls in love with. She finally relented when Zhi Wei proves her wrong with his actions and sincerity. An accident changes Jia Le's mind and she escapes by joining a humanitarian mission, with Zhi Wei hot on her heels.

Jia Qi and Cheng Feng also fall in love, but the latter's ex-fiancee Shan Shan (Eelyn Kok) re-appears and wants to reconcile. Jia Qi is one who cannot tolerate any blemishes in a relationship and decides to step out of the competition and leaves the country, finding new love. But she returns to find a depressed Cheng Feng after Shan Shan's evil ploys are exposed and the sudden death of his father.

Due to the trouble and hardships between Cheng Feng and Jia Qi, Jia Qi finds comfort in her suitor, Sato (Elvin Ng). Sato proves to be a devoted lover to her and Jia Qi gradually falls in love with him while Cheng Feng is dragged down by Shan Shan.

In between everything, Xiaowei (Paige Chua) who has been friends with Zhi Wei ever since they were young, starts to fall in love with him, making things even more complicated for them.

2009 Accolades

The series was nominated for 1 category, Favourite Male Character.

Star Awards 2010

Favourite Male Character 最喜爱男角色Nat Ho 鹤天赐Won


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