The Dragon of Pendragon Castle

The Dragon of Pendragon Castle is a 1950 English family film directed and produced by John Baxter.[4][5] The film features Leslie Bradley, David Hannaford, Lily Lapidus and Hubert Leslie in the lead roles.

The Dragon of Pendragon Castle
Directed byJohn Baxter[1]
Produced byJohn Baxter
Written byMary Cathcart Borer
Music byKennedy Russell
CinematographyArthur Grant[2]
Edited byVi Burdon
Elstree Independent Films Ltd
Distributed byGeneral Film Distributors
Release date
  • 1950 (1950) (United Kingdom)
Running time
52 min[3]


Mr. Ferber (Leslie Bradley) is an old man living in Pendragon Castle along with his two grandchildren Bobby(David Hannaford) and Paddy (Graham Moffatt) who find a small dragon to heat their castle. The dragon helps them to find hidden treasure in the castle.



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