The Destroyer (album)

The Destroyer is an album by electronic artist Alec Empire, his first on his own record label Digital Hardcore Recordings, released in 1996 in Europe and a revised version in 1998 in United States. Destroyer is also the name given to a series of EPs by Empire released two years before. Unlike his previous albums for Mille Plateaux, The Destroyer had a much heavier sound more akin to that of his band Atari Teenage Riot, and is considered as one of the earliest examples of a breakcore record. Producer Enduser named the album as an inspiration for his music.[3]

The Destroyer
Studio album by
Alec Empire
ReleasedJune 1996
RecordedFebruary 12, 1994 - April 1996
StudioEmpire Studios (Berlin, Germany)
GenreDigital hardcore, breakcore
74:39 (US)
LabelDigital Hardcore Recordings
ProducerAlec Empire
Alec Empire chronology
Hypermodern Jazz
The Destroyer
Les Étoiles des Filles Mortes
Professional ratings
Review scores
Pitchfork Media6.7/10[2]

Track listing

1996 European CD
2."We All Die!"7:07
4."Bang Your Head!"5:37
5."Don't Lie, White Girl!"4:35
6."Fire Bombing"4:17
7."I Just Wanna Destroy"4:51
8."Bonus Beats"4:03
9."Nobody Gets Out Alive!"5:34
10."My Body Cannot Die"4:25
11."The Peak"3:54
12."Heartbeat That Isn't There"3:08
13."I Don't Care What Happens"5:11
14."My Face Would Crack"6:46
15."Pleasure Is Our Business (Live!)"7:42
Total length:72:32


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