The Desperate Hours (play)

The Desperate Hours is a 1955 play by Joseph Hayes, based on his 1954 thriller novel of the same title. The story, about three escaped convicts invading a family's home and holding them hostage, was the basis for the films The Desperate Hours in 1955 and Desperate Hours in 1990.

The Desperate Hours
Written byJoseph Hayes
CharactersEleanor Hillard
Dan Hillard
Glenn Griffin
Mr. Patterson
Ralphie Hillard
Harry Carson
Chuck Wright
Jesse Bard
Hank Griffin
Lt. Carl Fredericks
Miss Swift
Cindy Hillard
Tom Winston
Date premiered10 February 1955
Place premieredEthel Barrymore Theatre
Original languageEnglish
SettingPresent day: Indianapolis, Indiana

The play opened in New Haven's Shubert Theatre in 1955 before premiering on Broadway later that year.

The Desperate Hours won Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Direction in 1955.


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