The Dave Fanning Show

The Dave Fanning show is a radio program broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1. The show is presented by Dave Fanning and covers a range of various topics.

Adrian Moynes, head of RTÉ Radio 1, stated in an interview[1] on Morning Ireland on 6 June 2006 that Dave's new programme would have some of the characteristics of his current show on RTÉ 2FM, but would also include painting, sculpture and plays.

Previous show

The previous incarnation of the weekday Dave Fanning Show started on RTÉ 2fm radio on 18 March 2002 the day after St Patrick's Day and the last programme was broadcast on 28 July 2006. It had been on air Monday to Friday from 6pm-7:30pm, and featured a mix of music, movie news, lifestyle items, Internet guides and competitions, as well as regular features such as classic albums nominated by guests. The show spanned several topics, and regularly featured segments on movies, new music acts, and interviews with stars like Tom Waits, Alice Cooper & Bob Geldof. His Friday show took on a unique form of listener requests based on particular criteria, such as songs loosely based on the days of the week, seasons of the year, songs with women's names or simply songs with numbers or times in their titles.

Before 1992, the Dave Fanning Show was 100% music and featured the now legendary Fanning Sessions where young aspiring bands were brought into studio and got a full recording session which was subsequently played on Dave's radio show. U2 recorded a Fanning Session, in return for which they let Dave have the world exclusive first play of all their new singles. Other bands to record Fanning Sessions include The Cranberries, JJ72, Kerbdog and Therapy?

Signature tunes


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