The Daughter of the Green Pirate

The Daughter of the Green Pirate (Italian: La figlia del corsaro verde) is a 1940 Italian adventure film directed by Enrico Guazzoni and starring Doris Duranti, Fosco Giachetti and Camillo Pilotto.[1] It was shot partly at the Pisorno Studios in Tirrenia. The film was based on a novel by Emilio Salgari. The son of a Spanish Governor in South America volunteers for an undercover mission to infiltrate a gang of notorious pirates.[2]

The Daughter of the Green Pirate
Directed byEnrico Guazzoni
Produced byGiulio Manenti
Written byEmilio Salgari (novel)
Alessandro De Stefani
Nino Angioletti
StarringDoris Duranti
Fosco Giachetti
Camillo Pilotto
Enrico Glori
Music byAlberto Ghislanzoni
CinematographyJan Stallich
Edited byVincenzo Zampi
Manenti Film
Distributed byManenti Film
Release date
23 December 1940
Running time
76 minutes



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