The Daltons' Escape (Lucky Luke)

L'Évasion des Dalton is a Lucky Luke comic written by Goscinny and Morris. It is the fifteenth album in the Lucky Luke Series . The comic was printed by Dupuis in 1960.

The Daltons' Escape
Cover of the French edition
SeriesLucky Luke
Creative team
Original publication
Date of publication1960
Preceded byThe Grand Duke
Followed byLucky Luke versus the Pinkertons


The Daltons manage to escape the penitentiary. Lucky Luke is set on their trail. The four brothers, eager to avenge Lucky Luke, place fake search notices and publish fake newspaper articles to make Luke a criminal.

Fortunately for Lucky Luke, people are, for the most part, far too afraid to dare to attack him. Finally, Luke finds the Daltons and is captured. They force the cowboy to serve as a stooge by doing a lot of chores.

Finally, Lucky Luke manages to escape with the help of the cavalry and assault the Daltons. Joe and Luke duel, with Joe putting oil in his holster hoping to draw faster. But his own trick turns against him and Lucky Luke succeeds in bringing back the four brothers to the penitentiary... while waiting for the next escape.


  • The Dalton brothers: Four evil, stupid bandit brothers.


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