The Daily Service

The Daily Service is a short Christian church service, often from Emmanuel Church in Didsbury, Manchester, England, broadcast every weekday morning between 9.45 and 10.00 on BBC Radio 4 (long wave and DAB). Originally aired from Savoy Hill and then Broadcasting House, the service was moved on the outbreak of war in 1939, first to Bristol and later to the Trinity Chapel of St Paul's Church, Bedford, under the musical direction of Dr George Thalben-Ball.[1] In 1945 the service returned to a studio in Broadcasting House.

For many years The Daily Service was broadcast live from All Souls Church, Langham Place, the church adjacent to Broadcasting House. When the Religion and Ethics department of the BBC moved to Manchester, its new base became Emmanuel Church, Didsbury.[2] The service of today combines hymns, prayers and reflections by a variety of ministers and laypeople.

First transmitted on 2 January 1928 (though not listed in the Radio Times before 16 January), it is now the longest-running programme on British radio. Until 30 June 1928, it was broadcast under the title A Short Religious Service.


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