The Cry of the Eagle

The Cry of the Eagle (Italian: Il grido dell'aquila) is a 1923 Italian drama film directed by Mario Volpe and starring Gustavo Serena and Dillo Lombardi. It was made as a film supportive of Italy's new regime under Mussolini, and drew direct links between the risorgimento, the First World War and the rise of Fascism.[1]

The Cry of the Eagle
Directed byMario Volpe
StarringGustavo Serena
Dillo Lombardi
CinematographyArturo Gallea
Istituto Facista Di Propaganda Nazionale
Distributed byIstituto Facista Di Propaganda Nazionale
Release date
November 1923
Italian intertitles


  • Manlio Bertoletti
  • Mariano Bottino
  • Alfredo Cruichi
  • Adriana De Cristoforis
  • Dillo Lombardi
  • Giovanni Polli
  • Bianca Renieri
  • Gustavo Serena
  • Giulio Tanfani-Moroni
  • Renato Visca


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