The Cross-Patch

The Cross-Patch or De Kribbebijter is a 1935 Dutch film directed by Henry Koster and Ernst Winar. It is based upon the play, "Willis Frau," by Max Reimann and Otto Schwartz.

De Kribbebijter
Directed byHenry Koster and Ernst Winar
Written byAlexander Alexander
Jane Bess
Louis De Bree (additional dialogue
Max Reimann (play)
Otto Schwartz (play)
Release date
8 August 1935
Running time
86 minutes


  • Cor Ruys ... Baron de Kribbebijter
  • Philip Dorn ... Willy (as Frits van Dongen)
  • Dolly Mollinger ... Loes
  • Louis De Bree ... Oom Moekie
  • Louis Borel ... Van Maren
  • Mary Dresselhuys ... Mary
  • Chris Baay ... Schimmelman
  • Sien De la Mar-Kloppers ... Katrien
  • August Kiehl ... Frans
  • Mary Smit ... Roos
  • Fie Kohler
  • John Gobau
  • Jan Blok
  • Anton Burgdorffer
  • Sophie van Dijk


Writing for The Spectator in 1936, Graham Greene gave the film a poor review, describing it as "very badly photographed and very badly directed". Taking especial umbrage with the direction, Greene describes it as "that grim slow kind which never shows you a car without following it to the horizon or lets a character leave one room for another without a prolonged study of opening and closing, and then reopening and re-closing doors, with a glimpse of the passage perhaps as well, lest the imagination should bear too heavy a burden".[1]


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