The Courier of Moncenisio (1956 film)

The Courier of Moncenisio (Italian: Il vetturale del Moncenisio) is a 1954 Italian historical melodrama film directed by Guido Brignone and starring Roldano Lupi, Virna Lisi and Arnoldo Foà.[1] It is the last of three film adaptation of the 1852 novel Jean le Coucher by Jean Bouchardy.[2]

The Courier of Moncenisio
Directed byGuido Brignone
Produced byAlberto Manca
Written by
Music byCarlo Innocenzi
CinematographyRomolo Garroni
Edited byJolanda Benvenuti
Radius Productions
Distributed byZeus Film
Release date
30 December 1954 (Italy)
Running time
88 minutes



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