The Country Doctor (1927 film)

The Country Doctor is a 1927 silent film directed by Rupert Julian and starring Rudolph Schildkraut. It was produced by Cecil B. DeMille and distributed by Pathé Exchange.[1][2][3]

The Country Doctor
Directed byRupert Julian
Produced byDe Mille Pictures Corp.
Written byBeulah Marie Dix
Based ona story by Izola Forrester
StarringRudolph Schildkraut
CinematographyPeverell Marley
Edited byClaude Berkeley
Distributed byPathé Exchange
Release date
August 22, 1927
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent..English titles


Preservation status

  • Copies are held by several US and Euro archives.[4]


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