The Count of Monte Cristo (1964 TV series)

The Count of Monte Cristo is a British 12-part dramatization of the Alexandre Dumas novel of the same name. It was made by the BBC and was screened in the autumn of 1964. The series starred Alan Badel in the title role.

The Count of Monte Cristo
Directed byPeter Hammond
StarringAlan Badel
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes12
Producer(s)Campbell Logan
Running time25 minutes
Original networkBBC One
Original release4 October (1964-10-04) 
20 December 1964 (1964-12-21)


Edmond Dantes, a sailor, is falsely accused and imprisoned by three men who have various reasons to be jealous of him. After 14 years imprisoned in the Chateau d'If he escapes, and, after recovering a treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo revealed to him by the Abbe Faria, a fellow prisoner, he embarks on a campaign of revenge against those who have wronged him.



The series was made in 12 episodes of 25 minutes each, with a total run time of 300 minutes. It was filmed in black and white and had an intense, theatrical style. The script remained largely faithful to the original plot, and is regarded as the best screen version of the story, with Badel as the definitive Count. The series was produced by Campbell Logan, and directed by Peter Hammond. The screenplay was by Anthony Steven.[1][2][3]


No. Episode Air date
1"The Plotters"4 October 1964
2"The Chateau D'If"11 October 1964
3"The Abbe Faria"18 October 1964
4"A Perilous Journey"25 October 1964
5"The Isle of Monte Cristo"1 November 1964
6"A Garden in Auteuil"8 November 1964
7"Unlimited Credit"15 November 1964
8"Evidence of a Crime"22 November 1964
9"News from Janina"29 November 1964
10"A Challenge"6 December 1964
11"Dishonour"13 December 1964
12"An End to Revenge"20 December 1964


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