The Copper

The Copper also translated as The Grasper (German: Der Greifer) is a 1958 West German crime film directed by Eugen York and starring Hans Albers, Hansjörg Felmy and Susanne Cramer. It is a remake of the 1930 film The Copper which Albers had also starred in.[1]

The Copper
The film's poster.
Directed byEugen York
Produced by
Written byCurt J. Braun
Music byHans-Martin Majewski
Edited byIngrid Wacker
Kurt Ulrich Film
Distributed byDFH
Release date
20 March 1958
Running time
96 minutes
CountryWest Germany


Otto Friedrich Dennert a veteran of the Essen police force is known as "The Grabber" for his unconventional methods. While investigating a series of killins of women he reaches retirement age. The case is taken over by a new team, including Dennert's son Harry. Convinced that they have arrested the wrong person, Dennert begins investigating by himself with assistance from the criminal underworld.



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