The Contessa's Secret

The Contessa's Secret (French: La Castiglione, Italian: La Contessa di Castiglione) is a 1954 French-Italian film starring Yvonne De Carlo as Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione.

The Contessa's Secret
Directed byGeorges Combret
Produced byClaude Boissol
Georges Combret
Leonardo Magagnini
Pierre Maudru
StarringYvonne De Carlo
Georges Marchal
Music byPaul Durand
CinematographyPierre Petit
Distributed byTaurus Film
Radius Productions
Release date




De Carlo signed on for the film in late December 1953. The film was to be shot entirely in French with no English version, which no Hollywood star had done before. It was originally called Castiglione and Raf Vallone and Georges Marchall were meant to co star.[1]

Filming had to be brought forward earlier than planned so de Carlo could make a film with Cornel Wilde.[2]

The film was shot in France in March 1954. De Carlo did not enjoy working for the producers . "I was very much put out when they gave me a stand in for a French dialogue coach," she said. "I thought I deserved better than that, particularly as I studied day and night to perfect myself in the reading of the lines. That was only one of numerous irksome things which not only I but other people had to put up with in that French production."[3]

She later claimed the film was the first time a Hollywood actress did the lead in a film for which there was no English language version. "It was a distinction that made me feel proud."[4]

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