The Computer Company

The Computer Company (TCC) was an early computer time-sharing service based in Richmond, Virginia.[1]

The Computer Company
IndustryComputer time-sharing services
FateSold to Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
Founded1970 (1970) in Richmond, Virginia, United States
FounderWalter R. Witschey
Defunct1983 (1983)
Richmond, Virginia
United States
Area served
North America minimum
ServicesComputer time-sharing


The company was founded in 1970 by Walter R. Witschey, who was then an IBM computer researcher.[1]

CBS News used the company's services based on the programming language APL to provide analysis for the 1972 Democratic National Convention.[2]

In 1981, the state of Louisiana fined the company three times for failing to fulfill its contract to process Medicaid claims. Witschey said the firm's problems stemmed from a very high pend rate among Louisiana insurance claimants.[3]

In 1983, TCC was sold to the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Witschey remained chief executive officer (CEO) until 1984.[1]


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