The Climber (1917 film)

The Climber is a 1917 silent film drama film directed by Henry King and starring himself. The film is listed as a four-reeler, which makes it fall somewhere between a 'short' film and a 'feature' film.[1][2]

The Climber
Directed byHenry King
Produced byFalcon Features
H. M. Horkheimer
E. D. Horkheimer
Written byGeorge Foxhall
Lela E. Rogers (as Lela Liebrand)
StarringHenry King
Gibson Gowland
Distributed byGeneral Film Company
Release date
September 28, 1917
Running time
4 reels
LanguageSilent..English titles


  • Henry King - William Beerheiim Van Broon
  • Jack McLaughlin - Bruce Crosby
  • Gibson Gowland - Buck Stringer (*billed T.H. Gibson Gowland)
  • Robert Ensminger - Grafton
  • Charles Blaisdell - Tom Tarney
  • James Kerr - Sweeney
  • Bruce Smith - Slats O'Keefe
  • Frank Erlanger - 'Happy'
  • Lucille Pietz - Eva Crosby
  • Leah Gibbs - Ethel Crosby
  • Arma Carlton - Madelyn Rosseau
  • Mollie McConnell - Mrs. Crosby
  • Ruth Lackaye - Mrs. Tarney


The film survives incomplete in the Library of Congress collection.[3][4]


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