The Chinese Bungalow (1940 film)

The Chinese Bungalow, also known as Chinese Den, is a 1940 British drama film directed by George King and starring Kay Walsh, Jane Baxter and Paul Lukas. It was adapted from the play The Chinese Bungalow by Marion Osmond and James Corbett. King was a former producer of quota quickies who was increasingly working on films with better budgets during the early war years.[1]

The Chinese Bungalow
Directed byGeorge King
Produced byGeorge King
Written byRonald Fayre
Matheson Lang (play)
Marian Osmond (novel)
A.R. Rawlinson
George Wellesley
StarringPaul Lukas
Kay Walsh
Jane Baxter
Music byJack Beaver
CinematographyHone Glendinning
Edited byJack Harris
Pennant Pictures
Distributed byBritish Lion Films
Release date
6 April 1940
Running time
72 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

It was made at Beaconsfield Studios.



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