The Cheaters (TV series)

The Cheaters is a 1960–62 TV series produced by The Danzigers. It revolved around John Hunter, insurance claims investigator for an insurance company. His immediate boss was Walter Allen.[1]

The Cheaters
Directed byMax Varnel
John Moxey
Godfrey Grayson
Frank Marshall
StarringJohn Ireland
Robert Ayres
Composer(s)Bill Le Sage
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes39
Producer(s)Edward J. Danziger
Harry Lee Danziger
Running time30 minutes
Original networkABC Television
Original release1960 


  • John Ireland as John Hunter
  • Robert Ayres as Walter Allen
  • Ann Hanslip as Walter Allen's Secretary
  • Valentine Dyall as Inspector Kellogg of Scotland Yard
  • Reginald Marsh as Inspector Martin
  • Colin Tapley as Inspector


According to BFI Screenonline "in missing a perfect opportunity to exploit the tough-cynical characteristics of the leading player, the 39 episodes moved with painful lethargy towards their predictable conclusions, with the most notable feature of this largely static series being John Ireland's carefully sustained somnambulistic performance."[2]


  1. Flash in the Sky
  2. For the Price of Two
  3. Green for Danger
  4. The Hair of the Dog
  5. A Question of Murder
  6. The Rocker
  7. The Safe Way
  8. The Authentic McCoy
  9. Diamond Studded Malaria
  10. Intent to Defraud
  11. Mighty Warrior
  12. Single or Double Indemnity
  13. Back of Beyond
  14. The Fine Print
  15. A Hood from Canada
  16. Killian's Cut
  17. Libel
  18. The Man with the Ticking Head
  19. Slope of Death
  20. The Bite
  21. A Case of Larceny
  22. Lamb to the Slaughter
  23. The Legacy
  24. Legs---50,000 Each
  25. Washday S.O.S.
  26. The Weasel
  27. Time to Kill
  28. Murder Fugue
  29. Obituary for a Champion
  30. Fire!
  31. The Man Who Wouldn't Be Paid
  32. The Schemers
  33. The Hands of Adrian
  34. Affairs of the Heart
  35. A Tale of Two Ships
  36. The Dashing Major
  37. Knight of the Road
  38. Case of George Peterson
  39. Carnival Case


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