The Chain (1984 film)

The Chain is a 1984 British comedy drama film directed by Jack Gold. It stars Maurice Denham, Nigel Hawthorne, Denis Lawson and Leo McKern. The film was produced and distributed by Film Four International.[1]

The Chain
Directed byJack Gold
Produced byVictor Glynn
Written byJack Rosenthal
StarringMaurice Denham,
Nigel Hawthorne,
Denis Lawson,
Leo McKern,
Warren Mitchell,
Rita Wolf
Music byStanley Myers
Edited byBill Blunden
Distributed byFilm Four International
Rank Organisation
Release date
Running time
100 min
CountryUnited Kingdom



The Chain tells the story of seven households that comprise a circular property chain, and various moving company employees who are tasked with assisting each household in their move. It follows the trials and tribulations, from trivial to profound, each household and mover (who are each guilty of one of the seven deadly sins) endures during the moving process.

In 1994 a spin-off series, Moving Story, was made for ITV in which Warren Clarke played the part of Bamber.


  1. Punch - Volume 288, Part 2 - Page 57 1985 - If the Turkish baths can be construed as a sort of metaphor for Britain today, then The Chain ( PC, Odeon Haymarket) may also be ... In fact, we know it's a rather more serious business because we're told so by Warren Mitchell as leader of a splendidly glum quartet of removal men who are deeply into Socratic philosophy. It's the chain of life, no less. The film, while inspired on occasion - Nigel Hawthorne as the sort of husband who removes all the fixtures and Anna Massey as his extremely long-suffering wife, are hilarious - is inevitably episodic and those episodes often become plodding under Jack Cold's less-than-dazzling direction. If Steaming remains theatre, The Chain appears resolutely strung-out TV sitcom.
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