The Cavern (1964 film)

The Cavern (Italian: Sette contro la morte, German: Neunzig Nächte und ein Tag, also known as Helden - Himmel und Hölle) is a 1964 Italian-German-American war-drama film directed by Edgar G. Ulmer. This was his last film as a director. [1][2][3]

The Cavern
Directed byEdgar G. Ulmer
Written byJack Davies
Michael Pertwee
StarringJohn Saxon
Rosanna Schiaffino
Music byCarlo Rustichelli
CinematographyGábor Pogány
Distributed by20th Century Fox
Schorcht Filmverleih
Release date


In 1944 Italy a cave-in traps various enemies and strangers together. Madness threatens to destroy them.


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