The CW Plus

The CW Plus is the national feed of The CW, owned by The CW Network, LLC (a joint venture between WarnerMedia and the CBS Entertainment Group unit of ViacomCBS, which each maintain a 50% ownership interest),[1] that is primarily carried on digital subchannels and pay television outlets. The service is intended for areas ranked below the top 99 television markets in the United States designated by Nielsen Media Research. In addition to carrying CW network programming Monday through Friday and Sunday in daytime and prime time, as well as its Saturday morning educational programming block, The CW Plus runs a mix of syndicated and brokered programs.

The CW Plus
LaunchedSeptember 18, 2006 (2006-09-18)
NetworkThe CW
Owned byThe CW Network, LLC[1]
(WarnerMedia (50%)/
ViacomCBS (via CBS Entertainment Group) (50%))
Picture format480i (SDTV)
1080i or 720p (HDTV)
(resolution varies depending on the affiliate)
SloganDare To Defy
CountryUnited States
Broadcast areaNational
(available only in smaller television markets)
Affiliates(see section)
HeadquartersLos Angeles, California
ReplacedThe WB 100+ Station Group (1998–2006)
Timeshift serviceThe CW Plus East
The CW Plus Mountain
The CW Plus Pacific

The CW handles programming and promotional services for The CW Plus at its corporate headquarters in Burbank, California (marketing services were handled through a separate division for the service until March 2008, when these operations were transferred to The CW's marketing department due to layoffs imposed by the network[2]); centralcasting operations for the CW Plus affiliates are hubbed at the California Video Center in Los Angeles.


One of the predecessors of The CW, The WB Television Network had maintained a similar group of subscription-only affiliate stations in small- and select medium-sized markets called The WB 100+ Station Group,[3][4][5] which began operations on September 21, 1998 and continued to operate until The WB ended operations on September 17, 2006. On February 24, 2006, one month after CBS Corporation and Time Warner announced the launch of the new network, The CW formally released a proposal to prospective affiliates announcing the creation of The CW Plus, a similar single-network feed for smaller markets – covering the same areas that were served by The WB 100+.[6][7] While there was no guarantee that existing affiliates of The WB 100+ would automatically join The CW Plus, most of them (particularly subscription-only affiliates) ultimately did join the new service, and programming transitioned seamlessly from The WB 100+ to The CW Plus.

Since The WB 100+ was created before digital television was easily available in the United States, most WB 100+ stations were distributed exclusively via pay television, with a few main channel affiliations on free-to-the-air TV stations.[3][5][8] With its launch, The CW (along with MyNetworkTV) became among the first conventional free-to-air networks in the U.S. to fully utilize digital multicasting to gain over-the-air coverage in markets that did not have enough television stations to maintain a traditional main channel affiliation (Fox, The WB and fellow CW predecessor UPN had a few subchannel-only affiliates shortly before The CW launched, however over-the-air distribution in this manner was very limited at the time).[9] In several markets served by a CW Plus station, the current affiliate may not be the same as the prior WB 100+ affiliate. Some CW Plus affiliates are carried on a digital subchannel of a local FTA station, whereas the prior affiliate of The WB 100+ was subscription-exclusive. Certain cable-only affiliates of The WB 100+ have been replaced completely by either a subchannel or main channel free-to-air affiliation when The CW launched or joined The CW Plus only for an FTA station that managed or acquired it to begin carrying it over-the-air at some point after its launch.

As with The WB 100+, CW Plus programming is delivered through a data server network that originally digitally transmitted locally and national advertisements, promos, station identifications and customized logo bugs for each individual affiliate to headends within the master control facilities of a local station or the offices of the pay-TV provider operating the local affiliate. That was the case with The WB 100+, promotions for syndicated programs aired on The CW Plus omit affiliate references – either in the form of verbal identification or use of the affiliate's logo – in favor of network branding; the timeslot cards also only list airtimes based on Eastern and Central Time Zone scheduling, with the announcer being used to read the promo's airtime card only identifying that the program airs "[today/tonight/day of week] on The CW."

Programming is relayed to a wireless PC-based system that downloads (through a data feed distributed via satellite), stores and inserts advertising during program breaks controlled via a playlist over the satellite-delivered national feed to the individual affiliate's home market; the units also transfer program feeds via address headers disseminated to each affiliate based on their call letters, transmit advertisements and program promotions, and generate a log of ads that have previously aired. The cost of these units is partially reimbursed by The CW, with no more than 50% of the purchase cost paid by the affiliate. Affiliates sent log files of local advertisements over the Internet to a traffic management system located at The CW's corporate offices in Burbank, which handles trafficking, dissemination of the program feed and specified local insertion of advertisements and promotions to each affiliate. After The CW stopped providing support for the traffic system and commercial server in September 2009, responsibility for ad trafficking and insertion was transferred to The CW Plus' individual affiliates, although The CW continues to handle programming and transmission operations.

CW Plus stations are generally managed and promoted by a local affiliate of a larger over-the-air television station, which may produce some local programming (such as morning and/or prime time newscasts), telecasts of local sports events, or syndicated national sports broadcasts from either ESPN Regional Television or the ACC Network (or on some affiliates, from 2014 to 2016, the American Sports Network); some affiliates, however, are operated by a local cable provider.

CW Plus affiliates each have their own local branding, which is usually a combination of the CW name with either the parent station/cable franchise's city of license or a regional descriptor of the area (such as "Northland" for Duluth and northeastern Minnesota, as seen in the logo to the above left). Unlike its predecessor, The WB 100+ Station Group, The CW Plus does not use call signs used solely for branding and/or supplementary identification purposes in a widespread fashion; while many cable-only WB 100+-turned-CW Plus affiliates have stopped using fictional call signs (which were not assigned by the Federal Communications Commission, as the agency does not issue licenses to cable channels), a few have continued to use the ones they had used while part of The WB 100+ Station Group, mainly doing so merely for identification purposes in local Nielsen diary-tabulated ratings reports.

The CW Plus originally maintained a separate website featuring promotions for CW network programs, search maps for CW Plus affiliates, programming schedules customizable to an affiliate's local time zone, and still promotional ads for CW network shows and syndicated programs are seen on the CW Plus feed. In May 2014, was discontinued as a standalone website, redirecting to The CW's main website at However, the websites of all CW Plus affiliates continue to be hosted on the domain, featuring much of the aforementioned content seen on the national website; as well as links to websites and social media pages operated by the affiliate or a parent over-the-air station, and links to the affiliate's contact information, advertising services and (where applicable) the main website of a parent broadcast affiliate. A separate website for the service was reinstated in September 2017, under the domain.


Like the predecessor WB 100+ Station Group, The CW Plus utilizes a dual programming model differing from CW-affiliated stations in large and medium-sized markets. Dayparts on CW Plus affiliates with no CW programming are programmed by the network – primarily featuring programs currently airing in syndication, with syndicated film packages filling select weekend timeslots, and paid programming filling overnight and some early afternoon timeslots;[6] this relieves the local affiliate's operator from the duty of having to acquire syndicated programming to fill timeslots outside The CW's network schedule. However, some over-the-air CW Plus affiliates may fill paid programming time with content from another subchannel network such as MeTV, This TV or Antenna TV, particularly if the network whose content is sourced does not have an existing full-time affiliate in the market (only one station, KNOE-DT3, carries The CW's most direct competitor, MyNetworkTV in the late-night paid programming slot; late-night slotting has become a common fate for that service). The operator of the CW Plus affiliate handles local advertising sales for the station, cable-only outlet or subchannel, which incorporates local commercial inserts during the CW network and syndicated programming supplied by the service.

Prior to the debut of the Litton Entertainment-produced One Magnificent Morning block on the network in October 2014, the remaining two hours of programming that fulfill FCC educational programming guidelines which were not covered by The CW's predecessor children's program blocks – Kids' WB, The CW4Kids/Toonzai and Vortexx – was also taken care of by The CW Plus. However even with the debut of One Magnificent Morning, The CW Plus continued to carry syndicated E/I programs on early Saturday afternoons immediately after the conclusion of the block, resulting in a net surplus of seven hours of educational programming each week (five provided by The CW, and two by The CW Plus) that far exceeded the three hours required at minimum by the FCC. The supplementary syndicated E/I content was reduced to a single half-hour in September 2015 (consisting solely of Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World) and shifted to a Saturday late-night timeslot; the supplementary syndication E/I window was eliminated in September 2016, with the required educational programming now coming exclusively through the One Magnificent Morning block.

Syndicated programs broadcast on The CW Plus during non-network programming hours as of September 2017 include Maury, The Steve Wilkos Show, Seinfeld, Elementary, Family Guy, The Goldbergs, Cops, King of the Hill,Steve and Jerry Springer. Some syndicated programming provided by The CW Plus is substituted by the local affiliate's parent station or cable franchise operator with alternate shows if the rights to that program are held by another station in their market. Many subchannel affiliates also carry local newscasts produced by a co-managed station or through a news share agreement with another station in the same market in one or more of three designated "Live Local News Windows" (Monday through Fridays from 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., and, depending on the time zone, nightly at 10:00 or 9:00 p.m. and weekends at 6:00 or 5:00 p.m. local time). Though The CW Television Network does not carry any national news programming of its own, The CW Plus did carry The Daily Buzz, a syndicated morning news and talk program that had originally aired on its predecessor The WB 100+ beginning in September 2002[10][11] and remained on The CW Plus until September 2014 (eight months prior to the program's April 2015 cancellation).

The CW Plus operates three separate feeds for the Eastern, Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, whose master schedules are designed to align the start time of The CW's primetime programming with the network's broadcast affiliate feed; as such, The CW Daytime and One Magnificent Morning blocks (which are designed to be tape-delayed) are aired an hour early – compared to their preferred scheduling – on affiliates in the Central and Alaska time zones. The CW Plus prime time show names are shown on The CW web site; whereas, only times of prime time shows are on The CW Plus web site.


The CW Plus has current and pending affiliation agreements with 123 television outlets encompassing 44 states and the U.S. territory of Guam, consisting of 121 broadcast affiliates (107 of which serve as subchannel-only affiliates and the remaining 17 being primary channel affiliations) and six cable-only affiliates. Counting mainly over-the-air affiliates of the service, The CW Plus covers an estimated national audience reach of 72,376,767 U.S. residents or 23.16% of all households with at least one television set.[12]

Availability of CW Plus stations through pay television services varies depending on the provider; while CW Plus outlets are usually carried by major cable, fiber optic and IPTV providers (including multiple-system and private cable operators) in markets served by a subchannel or cable-only affiliate of the service, some rural pay television franchises that do not carry a local CW Plus affiliate via an existing distribution agreement with a broadcast affiliate or through the absence of an agreement with the operator of a cable-only affiliate carry CW stations from adjacent larger markets.

In certain markets, satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network carry stations that maintain primary affiliations with The CW Plus – and in some cases, also carry a subchannel-only affiliate of the service – as part of their local station tiers; however in areas served by a cable-only or subchannel affiliate, subscribers of both providers can only receive out-of-market broadcast affiliates of The CW (DirecTV carries affiliates from neighboring markets that have main channel affiliations with the network in some smaller markets, with the provider's designated coastal network feeds – WDCW in Washington, D.C. (or formerly XETV-TDT in Tijuana/San Diego) – available in lieu of a local or nearby affiliate in others; Dish Network provides CW programming to its subscribers in smaller markets through Tribune Broadcasting-owned affiliates WPIX/New York City, KTLA/Los Angeles and KWGN-TV/Denver, which are available as part of its a la carte superstation tier).

Since the conversion of the CW Plus feeds to a high definition schedule in June 2012, many of The CW Plus's stations have converted to carrying the high definition feed on an over-the-air signal, though it is usually transmitted in 720p rather than the network's 1080i master resolution due to technical considerations for their parent station's main network feed – except in the few markets where a CW Plus broadcast affiliate does not also have an affiliation with a major broadcast network – on their primary channel. Before that, the parent stations also carried the main CW signal in HD mixed with the CW Plus schedule to provide high definition programming from the network to local cable and satellite providers.

List of The CW Plus affiliates

Designated market area (DMA) rankings are based on Nielsen estimates since September 2018.[13]

DMA Market Station[14] Year of
Former affiliation Ownership
78BrownsvilleMcAllenHarlingen, TexasKCWT-CD 21
KFXV (LD2) 67.21

KXFX (CD2) 67.21
The WB
Entravision Communications
94Charleston, South CarolinaWCBD (DT2) 2.212006The WBNexstar Media Group
95FlorenceMyrtle Beach, South CarolinaWWMB (DT2) 21.2 1, 62006UPNHoward Stirk Holdings
(operated through local marketing agreement with the Sinclair Broadcast Group)
96Burlington, VermontPlattsburgh, New YorkWNNE 312018NBC
(as semi-satellite of WPTZ)
Hearst Television
100Boise, IdahoKYUU-LD 35.12011RTVSinclair Broadcast Group
101Fort SmithFayetteville, ArkansasKHBS (DT2) 40.21
KHOG (DT2) 29.21
2008noneHearst Television
104Fort Wayne, IndianaWISE-TV 332016NBCQuincy Media
105Augusta, GeorgiaWAGT (CD2) 26.212016noneGray Television
106Johnstown-Altoona-State College, PennsylvaniaWJAC-TV (DT4) 6.412019TBDSinclair Broadcast Group
107GreenvilleNew Bern
Washington, North Carolina
WNCT (DT2) 12.212006Weather radarNexstar Media Group
108SpringfieldHolyoke, MassachusettsWWLP (DT2) 22.2
WFXQ (CD2) 22.23
2015noneNexstar Media Group
109Reno, NevadaKRNS-CD 46
KREN (DT2) 27.2
affiliated with
DT1 until 2009)
The WBEntravision Communications
110Lansing, MichiganWLAJ (DT2) 53.212006The WBShield Media, LLC
(operated through shared services and joint sales agreements by Nexstar Media Group)
Grand Island-Kearney, Nebraska
KNHL (DT3) 5.31
(both stations)
NBC (KCWH-LD; as simulcast of KSNB-TV/Superior)
none (KNHL-DT3)
Gray Television
112Tallahassee, FloridaThomasville, GeorgiaWTLF 24
WTLH (DT2) 49.21
2006The WBWTLF: MPS Media, LLC
WTLH-DT2: New Age Media
(both operated through master service agreements by Sinclair Broadcast Group)
113PeoriaBloomington, IllinoisWEEK (DT3) 25.312016noneQuincy Media
114TylerLongview, Texas
LufkinNacogdoches, Texas
KYTX (DT2) 19.22012MeTVTegna Media
115Sioux FallsMitchell, South DakotaKSFY (DT2) 13.22012noneGray Television
116MontgomerySelma, AlabamaWBMM 222006DaystarBahakel Communications
117Fargo, North DakotaKXJB (LD2) 30.2/28.212016noneGray Television
118Macon, GeorgiaWMAZ (DT2) 13.212006The WBTegna Media
RichlandKennewick, Washington
KIMA (DT2) 29.2 1
KEPR (DT2) 19.21
2009noneSinclair Broadcast Group
120Traverse CitySault Ste. Marie, MichiganWFQX (DT2) 32.21,32018MeTVCadillac Telecasting Company
(operated under shared services agreement with Heritage Broadcasting Group)
121Lafayette, LouisianaKATC (DT2) 3.212010noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
122Bakersfield, CaliforniaKGET (DT2) 17.212006The WBNexstar Media Group
123Eugene, OregonKMTR (DT2) 16.212006The WBRoberts Media
(operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group)
124Santa BarbaraSanta Maria
San Luis Obispo, California
KSBY (DT2) 6.212006The WBCordillera Communications
125Youngstown, OhioWFMJ (DT2) 21.22004The WBVindicator Printing Company
126MontereySalinas, CaliforniaKION (DT2) 46.21
KMUV (LD2) 46.21
2006noneNews-Press & Gazette Company
127Columbus, GeorgiaWLTZ (DT2) 38.212006The WBSagamoreHill Broadcasting
128Corpus Christi, TexasKRIS (DT2) 6.212006The WBThe E.W. Scripps Company
129Wilmington, North CarolinaWWAY (DT3) 3.312017Cozi TVMorris Multimedia
130La CrosseEau Claire, WisconsinWXOW (DT2) 19.2 1
WQOW (DT2) 181
2006The WBQuincy Media
131Amarillo, TexasKVII (DT2) 7.212006noneSinclair Broadcast Group
132ChicoRedding, CaliforniaKHSL (DT2) 12.212006The WBHeartland Media
133ColumbusTupelo, MississippiWCBI (DT3) 4.32006The WBMorris Multimedia
134WausauRhinelander, WisconsinWAOW (DT2) 9.2 1
WYOW (DT2) 341
2006The WBQuincy Media
135MedfordKlamath Falls, OregonKTVL (DT2) 10.212006The WBSinclair Broadcast Group
136ColumbiaJefferson City, MissouriKOMU (DT3) 8.312006The WBUniversity of Missouri
137Monroe, LouisianaEl Dorado, ArkansasKNOE (DT3) 8.312014noneGray Television
138Salisbury, MarylandWMDT (DT2) 47.212006The WBMarquee Broadcasting, Inc.
139Rockford, IllinoisWREX (DT2) 13.212006The WBQuincy Media
140BeaumontPort Arthur, TexasKFDM-TV (DT2) 6.212006The WBSinclair Broadcast Group
141Topeka, KansasKTKA (DT3) 49.312009noneVaughan Media, LLC
(operated under shared services agreement with Nexstar Media Group)
142MidlandOdessa-Big Spring, TexasKCWO-TV 4.12019NBC (as satellite of KWES-TV)Gray Television
143Lubbock, TexasKLCW-TV 222006The WBWoods Communications Corporation
144Duluth, MinnesotaSuperior, WisconsinKDLH 3.12016CBSQuincy Media
145Palm Springs, CaliforniaKCWQ-LD 2
KESQ (DT3) 2.3
2006The WBNews-Press & Gazette Company
146BismarckMinotDickinson, North DakotaKXMA-TV 2.1
KXMB (DT2) 12.2
KXMC (DT2) 13.2
KXMD (DT2) 11.2
2016noneNexstar Media Group
147Anchorage, AlaskaKYUR (DT2) 13.212006The WBVision Alaska LLC
148Wichita Falls, TexasLawton, OklahomaKAUZ (DT2) 6.212006noneAmerican Spirit Media
(operated under joint sales and shared services agreements with Gray Television)
149Sioux City, IowaKTIV (DT2) 4.212006The WBQuincy Media
150Panama City, FloridaWJHG (DT2) 7.212006The WBGray Television
151Erie, PennsylvaniaWSEE (DT2) 35.212006noneLilly Broadcasting
152Albany, GeorgiaWGCW-LD 36
WALB (DT4) 10.42
2019Gray Television
153Joplin, MissouriPittsburg, KansasKFJX (DT2) 14.212018noneSagamoreHill Broadcasting
(operated under shared services and joint sales agreements by Morgan Murphy Media)
154Rochester, MinnesotaKTTC (DT2) 10.212006The WBQuincy Media
155Bangor, MaineWABI (DT2) 5.212006The WBGray Television
156BiloxiGulfport, MississippiWXXV (DT3) 25.32015noneMorris Multimedia
157Gainesville, FloridaWCJB (DT2) 20.212006noneGray Television
158Terre Haute, IndianaWTHI (DT3) 10.312017Ion TelevisionHeartland Media
159Sherman, TexasAdaArdmore, OklahomaKTEN (DT2) 10.21, 32006noneLockwood Broadcasting
160Binghamton, New YorkWBNG (DT2) 12.212007noneQuincy Media
161Idaho FallsPocatello, IdahoKIFI (DT3) 8.312009noneNews-Press & Gazette Company
162Wheeling, West VirginiaSteubenville, Ohio"WBWO" 18
(cable only)
2006The WBTurnpike Television
163BluefieldBeckleyOak Hill, West VirginiaWVVA (DT2) 6.212006The WBQuincy Media
164Missoula, MontanaKPAX (DT2) 8.212006noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
165AbileneSweetwater, TexasKTXS (DT2) 12.212006noneSinclair Broadcast Group
166Yuma, ArizonaEl Centro, CaliforniaKECY (DT3) 9.312010noneNews-Press & Gazette Company
167Billings, MontanaKTVQ (DT2) 2.212006noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
168HattiesburgLaurel, MississippiWHPM (LD2) 23.222012noneWaypoint Media, LLC
169Utica, New YorkWKTV (DT3) 2.312017MeTVHeartland Media
170ClarksburgWeston, West VirginiaWVFX (DT2) 10.22006noneGray Television
171Rapid City, South DakotaKCLO (DT2) 3.212018Ion TelevisionNexstar Media Group
172Lake Charles, LouisianaKPLC (DT2) 7.21, 32017noneGray Television
173Dothan, AlabamaWRGX-LD2 23.21
WTVY-DT3 4.31
2006UPNGray Television
174Quincy, IllinoisKeokuk, IowaWGEM (DT2) 10.212006The WBQuincy Media
175Harrisonburg, Virginia(served by WVIR [DT3], Charlottesville, VA)
176ElmiraCorning, New YorkWENY (DT2) 36.22006The WBLilly Broadcasting
177Jackson, TennesseeWNBJ (LD2) 39.212018noneSagamoreHill Broadcasting
178Watertown, New YorkWWTI (DT2) 50.212006The WBNexstar Media Group
179Alexandria, LouisianaKALB (DT3) 5.32015noneGray Television
180Jonesboro, ArkansasKAIT (DT3) 8.312018noneGray Television
181Bowling Green, KentuckyWBKO (DT3) 13.312006The WBGray Television
182Marquette, MichiganWBKP 5.1
WBUP (DT2) 10.2
2006ABC (WBKP)
none (WBUP-DT2)
Marks Radio Group
183Charlottesville, VirginiaWVIR (DT3) 29.21
WVIR (CD3) 29.21
The WBGray Television
184Laredo, TexasKYLX (LD2) 13.212015noneGray Television
185ButteBozeman, MontanaKXLF (DT2) 4.21
KBZK (DT2) 7.2 1
2006noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
186Bend, OregonKTVZ (DT2) 21.212006noneNews-Press & Gazette Company
187Grand JunctionMontrose, ColoradoKJCT-LP (DT2) 8.212014noneGray Television
188Lafayette, IndianaWLFI (DT2) 18.212017noneHeartland Media
189Twin Falls, IdahoKMVT (DT2) 11.212006noneGray Television
190Lima, Ohioserved by WBDT, Dayton, OH (cable only)
191Meridian, MississippiWTOK (DT3) 11.312006noneGray Television
192Great Falls, MontanaKRTV (DT2) 3.212006noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
193Greenwood-Greenville, Mississippi"WBWD"
(cable only)
2006The WBSuddenlink Communications
194Parkersburg, West VirginiaWOVA (LD2) 22.212018noneGray Television
195Eureka, CaliforniaKECA-LD 2912014noneSinclair Broadcast Group
196San Angelo, TexasKTXE (LD2) 38.22006The WBSinclair Broadcast Group
197CheyenneScottsbluff, NebraskaKGWN (DT3) 5.312006–2008,
noneGray Television
198Casper, WyomingKCWY (DT2) 13.212015noneGray Television
199Mankato, MinnesotaKMNF (LD2)2019noneGray Television
200Ottumwa, Iowa-Kirksville, MissouriKYOU (DT4) 15.412018EscapeAmerican Spirit Media
(operated under shared services agreement by Gray Television)
201St. Joseph, MissouriKNPG (LD2) 211, 3, 52012noneNews-Press & Gazette Company
202Fairbanks, AlaskaKATN (DT2) 2.312006noneVision Alaska LLC
203Victoria, Texas KVCT (DT3) 19.312018This TVSagamoreHill Broadcasting
204Zanesville, Ohio"Zanesville CW 13"
(cable only)
205Helena, MontanaKTVH (DT2) 9.242015noneThe E.W. Scripps Company
206Presque Isle, MaineWAGM (DT3) 8.312018noneGray Television
207Juneau, AlaskaKJUD (DT2) 8.212006noneVision Alaska LLC
208Alpena, Michigan"WBAE"
(cable only)
2006The WBSpectrum
209North Platte, NebraskaKIIT (CD2)
(simulcast of KCWH-LD/Lincoln)
2018NoneGray Television
210Glendive, Montanaserved by KBZK (DT2), Bozeman, MT (cable only)
N/ATamuning, GuamKTKB-LD 26.12009–2011,
IndependentKM Communications
  • 1 These stations carry The CW Plus on a digital subchannel. In some of these cases, the channel listed is the actual digital channel (e.g. "13", not a virtual channel such as "27.2", for WKYT).
  • 2 Cable channel already operational, but not yet broadcasting via a digital subchannel. See also note 1.
  • 3 Local affiliate formerly operated as a cable-only channel.
  • 4 Local affiliate formerly operated as the main channel affiliation.
  • 5 KCWE is available over-the-air in the St. Joseph market, as are other local stations originating from Kansas City; KNPG-LD formerly operated as cable-only "WBJO" from its 1998 sign-on as part of The WB 100+ Station Group until News-Press & Gazette Company took over operational and advertising control of the channel and added it to KNPN's third digital subchannel in June 2012; it was then spun off into a separately licensed station as KBJO-LD owned by News-Press & Gazette in April 2014.
  • 6 WWMB's main channel maintains a separate schedule when not airing CW network programming.
  • 7 In the Mankato market, Consolidated Communications carries cable-only "KWYE" as the CW affiliate for that provider's subscribers, whereas Spectrum carries Quincy Media-owned CW affiliate KTTC-DT2/Rochester, Minnesota as the CW Plus outlet for its subscribers.

Former affiliates

Market Station Former
(before The CW Plus)
Ownership Years of affiliation Status
Albany, Georgia WSWG-DT3 The WB Marquee Broadcasting 2006–2019 Replaced by WGCW-LD & WALB-DT4 on April 22, 2019
Augusta, Georgia WAGT-DT2 The WB Gray Television 2006–2017 Defunct, replaced by WAGT-CD2
Long Beach, Mississippi
The WB Morris Multimedia 2006–2015 The CW is affiliated with WXXV-DT3
Binghamton, New York "WBXI" The WB Gateway Communications/
(Gateway's interest later transferred to SJL Broadcasting in 2000, and Granite Broadcasting in 2006)
2006–2007 Replaced by WBNG-DT2 in September 2007
Bismarck, North Dakota "KWMK"
The WB Midcontinent Communications 2006–2016 Cable only; replaced by the KX Television group of stations[15]
BrownsvilleMcAllenHarlingen, Texas KNVO (DT4) 48.4 none Entravision Communications 2006–2016 Affiliation moved to XHRIO-TDT in October 2016;
Now an Ion Television affiliate;
This translator was replaced by KXFX-CD2
Burlington, Vermont
Plattsburgh, New York
WPTZ (DT2) 5.2 NBC Weather Plus Hearst Television 2013–2018 Subchannel is now a MeTV affiliate; The CW is affiliated with sister station WNNE
CadillacTraverse City
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
NBC Weather Plus Spectrum 2013–2018 Affiliation moved to WFQX-DT2
Eureka, California KUVU-LP 9 The WB Sainte Partners II, L.P. 2006–2014 Defunct; The CW is affiliated with KECA-LD
Fort Smith
Fayetteville, Arkansas
The WB Cox Communications 2006–2008 Defunct; replaced by KHBS-DT2/KHOG-DT2 in April 2008
Glendive, Montana CW Glendive
(cable only, formerly KWZB)
The WB Mid-Rivers Communications 2006–2017 Defunct; The CW is carried on cable only via KBZK-DT2
Grand JunctionMontrose, Colorado KJCT (DT2) 8.2 none Gray Television 2006–2014 Replaced by KJCT-LD2;
Now a Cozi TV affiliate
Hattiesburg/Laurel, Mississippi "WBH" 59
The WB Waypoint Media 2006–2012 The CW is affiliated with WHPM-LD2
Helena, Montana KMTF 10 The WB Montana State University 2006–2015 Station went dark on July 2, 2015, after Gray Television donated the station (now KUHM-TV) to Montana State University for pending integration into the Montana PBS member network;[16][17]
The CW is affiliated with KTVH-DT2
Idaho Falls/Pocatello, Idaho KPIF 15 The WB KM Communications 2006–2009 Defunct; became an RTV after disaffiliating from The CW, station license deleted in February 2011;
The CW is affiliated with KIFI-DT3
Jackson, Tennessee "WBJK"
The WB Charter Communications 2006–2018 Defunct; replaced by WNBJ-DT2 in August 2018
Jonesboro, Arkansas "KJOS"
(cable only)
The WB non-ownership
(various cable systems)
2006–2018 Defunct; replaced by KAIT-DT3 in September 2018
Joplin, MissouriPittsburg, Kansas "KSXF"
The WB Cable One 2006–2018 Defunct; replaced by KFJX-DT2 in August 2018
Lafayette, Indiana "WBI"
The WB non-ownership
(various cable systems)
2006–2017 Defunct; replaced by WLFI-DT2
Lafayette, Louisiana KLWB 50 The WB Wilderness Communications, LLC 2006–2010 Operating as a MeTV affiliate;
The CW is affiliated with KATC-DT2
Laredo, Texas "KTXW" 19 The WB SagamoreHill Broadcasting 2006–2010 Replaced by KGNS-DT2
KGNS-TV (DT2) 8 The WB Gray Television 2010–2014 Subchannel became an ABC affiliate, replaced by "Laredo CW 19"
"Laredo CW 19"
None Spectrum 2014–2015 Defunct; replaced by KYLX-LD2
Lima, Ohio "WBOH"
(cable-only from 2008-2010)
The WB Spectrum 2006–2010 Also broadcast on WLIO-DT2 until September 17, 2008 when the station joined Fox and MyNetworkTV
Defunct; replaced by WBDT
Grand Island-Kearney, Nebraska
(cable only)
The WB Spectrum 2006–2018 The CW is affiliated with KCWH-LD and simulcast on KNHL-DT3
Macon, Georgia "WBMN" 3
The WB Cox Communications 2006–2013 The CW is affiliated with WMAZ-DT2
Madison, Wisconsin WBUW 57 The WB Byrne Acquisition Group 2006–2016 The CW is affiliated with WMTV-DT2
Mankato, Minnesota "KWYE" 19
(alternately served by KTTC-DT2, Rochester, MN [cable only])
The WB Consolidated Communications 2006–2019 The CW is affiliated with KMNF-LD2
MidlandOdessa, Texas KWES-DT2 9.2 None Raycom Media 2013-2019 The CW is affiliated with Big Spring-based KCWO-TV, a former satellite station for KWES-TV.
North Platte, Nebraska "KWPL"
(cable only)
The WB non-ownership
(various cable systems)
2006–2018 The CW is affiliated with KIIT-CD2
Ottumwa, Iowa-Kirksville, Missouri "KWOT"
(cable only)
The WB Mediacom 2006–2018 Defunct, replaced by KYOU-DT4
Parkersburg, West Virginia "WCWP"
(cable only)
The WB Suddenlink Communications 2006–2018 The CW is affiliated with WOVA-LD2
Presque Isle, Maine "WBPQ"
(cable only)
The WB non-ownership
(various cable systems)
2006–2018 Defunct; replaced with WAGM-DT3
Rapid City, South Dakota KWBH-LP 27 The WB Rapid Broadcasting 2006–2018 The CW is affiliated with KCLO-DT2
Rio Grande Valley, Texas "KMHB"
(cable only)
The WB Unknown 2006–2007 Defunct; replaced by KFXV-LD
St. Joseph, Missouri "WBJO"
The WB NPG Cablevision/
Suddenlink Communications
2006–2012 Defunct; replaced by KNPN-LD2 on June 2, 2012
KNPN-LD2 26.2 The WB News-Press & Gazette Company 2012–2013 Replaced by KNPG-LD2 on March 7, 2013;
KNPN-LD2 continued to simulcast CW Plus programming (via KBJO-LD) until November 1, 2016, when it was replaced with a simulcast of CBS affiliate KCJO-LD
KBJO-LD 21 None News-Press & Gazette Company 2013–2016 Station relaunched as NBC affiliate KNPG-LD on November 1, 2016
The CW is affiliated with KNPG-LD2
San Angelo, Texas "KWSA"
(cable only)
The WB Unknown 2006–2006 The CW is affiliated with KTXE-LD2
SpringfieldHolyoke, Massachusetts "WBQT"
(cable only)
The WB Unknown 2006–2015 NBC affiliate WWLP assumed operations of "WBQT" in March 2015
The CW is affiliated with WWLP-DT2/WFXS-CD2
Traverse CitySault Ste. Marie, Michigan "WBVC"
The WB Tucker Broadcasting of Traverse City, Inc. 2006–2018 Defunct; replaced by WFQX-DT2
Utica, New York WKTV-DT2 2.2 The WB
(cable only as "WBU")
Heartland Media LLC 2006–2015 Joined CBS November 22, 2015
The CW is affiliated with WKTV-DT3
Victoria, Texas "KWVB" 10
(cable only)
The WB Suddenlink Communications 2006–2018 Defunct; replaced by KVCT-DT3
Wilmington, North Carolina "WBW" 29/WWAY-DT2 3.2 The WB
(cable only as "WBW")
Morris Multimedia 2006–2017 Cable-only until 2013, with a shift from DT2 to DT3 on January 1, 2017 to accommodate WWAY's new DT2 CBS subchannel
Yuma, Arizona/El Centro, California KSWT-DT 13.2 The WB Pappas Telecasting Companies 2006–2010 Subchannel is now silent; The CW is affiliated with KECY-DT3
Zanesville, Ohio "WBZV"
The WB WHIZ Media Group 2006–2008 Defunct; shut down in 2008 by WHIZ-TV,
later replaced by "Zanesville CW 13"

See also

  • The WB 100+ Station Group – a predecessor of The CW Plus; most of the remaining cable-only channels and some over-the-air stations that are outlets of The CW Plus formerly served as affiliates of The WB 100+ Station Group
  • CW-W – a standard definition-only feed of KTLA/Los Angeles for markets without a CW affiliate carried on DirecTV
  • CW-E – a standard definition-only feed of WDCW/Washington, D.C. for markets without a CW affiliate carried on DirecTV
  • WGN America – a general entertainment cable and satellite network in the United States, which originally served as the national superstation feed of Chicago CW affiliate WGN-TV; it served as a de facto affiliate of CW predecessor The WB for U.S. markets without an over-the-air affiliate from January 1995 to October 1999
  • Foxnet – a similar cable-only network for markets without a Fox affiliate, that operated from 1991 to 2006
  • CTV 2 Alberta – a similar cable-only affiliate of CTV Two in the Canadian province of Alberta; formerly Access
  • CTV 2 Atlantic – a similar cable-only affiliate of CTV Two in Atlantic Canada; formerly the Atlantic Satellite Network (ASN) and A Atlantic
  • Citytv Saskatchewan – a similar cable-only affiliate of City in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan


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