The Buddy Project

The Buddy Project is an Indian teen comedy drama series which aired on Channel V India from 23 July 2012 to 24 April 2014.[1][2]

The Buddy Project
The Buddy Project
Developed bySunshine productions
Written byConceptualized by'
Anand Sivakumaran
Nishikant Roy
Directed bySunith Pillai, Amit D. Malik
StarringFahad Ali
Bharati Kumar
Kunal Jaisingh
Palak Jain
Nikhil Mehta
Samridh Bawa
Manish Nawani
Manav Gohil
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes420
Producer(s)Seema Sharma
Sudhir Sharma
Editor(s)Satish Patil
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox. 24 minutes
Production company(s)Sunshine productions
Original networkChannel V India
Original release23 July 2012 (2012-07-23) 
24 April 2014 (2014-04-24)
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The tale of 8 mischievous students KD, Kiya, Ranveer, Panchi, Piddi, Samar, Juhi and Bobby. Their mischief crosses limits and in an attempt to regain the lost pride of Royal Academy and to help direct the enrolled students toward personal and academic development, the school principal brings in an old alumnus – Anirudh Jaitley who was once known as “Junglee” for his mischievous behaviour. He starts The Buddy Project.

The second season of the show focuses on how Ranveer, Panchi, KD, Kiya and Piddi adjust in the Imperial College of Communication after coming out from their comfort zone in Royal Academy. Once best buddies, they have now turned into sworn enemies all because of a simple misunderstanding. We can see some new characters in this season along with the old ones. The main new entries are Avijeet "Avi" Roy who is Superstar Chandan Roy's son, the cool dude of Imperial and the leader of the Dhakkan gang, and Omi Dahiya who is the desi guy and also the one who leads the Chillar gang. Both these gangs have great enmity towards each other and are always seen fighting. The other new entries are Avi's mischievous sister Avantika Roy who has a crush on Anirudh and Ranveer's radio station partner, Rukmini Sharma who is struggling in college as she doesn't know English.

Slowly the buddies come together clearing their misunderstandings. KD professes his love for Kiya and she reciprocates.

Panchi, Avi and RV, Rukmini also love each other. There arise many misunderstandings between KD and Kiya which get solved. Kiya's music video goes viral by a guy Joshua who likes Kiya. JJ organised a concert specially for Kiya. Joshua warns Kiya to stay away from KD. Her show is a success. Joshua's true colours are revealed and he is arrested.

College plans to elect a president in which RV and KD are nominated. This again arises misunderstandings between RV and KD. Avi frames Omi into booth capturing. RV is elected the president. KD's dad falls ill and the buddies (excluding RV) decide to put a dandiya fest in the college. It goes successfully but KD's father's health worsens and RV admits him to the hospital. RV and KD reconcile. On rose day Avi' s plot is exposed in front of Panchi and she breaks up with him. She then leaves to Delhi without informing thereby upsetting RV. Ruku (Rukmini) is upset as RV doesn't give her time. Panchi comes making RV happy. Kiya wants to prove KD that she is capable of achieving anything and she applies for an advertisement. Panchi starts a workshop for the poor yet talented kids and RV and Ruku help her. Ruku organises a puppet show on the day of the workshop. Kiya's ad is out but KD doesn't like it. Panchi's workshop is a success. Piddi makes friends with the Dean and his old aged friends and wins a camping trip. He takes the buddies so that kisha (KD and Kiya)'s misunderstanding gets cleared and RV and Panchi realise their love for each other.

At the camp, kisha reconcile. RV and Panchi get lost in the jungle and spend the night at the house of an astrologer. Everyone is looking for them. The next day while heading to the camp site RV falls into quicksand but Panchi saves him by pulling him out with a tree twig. Unable to express his gratefulness RV ends up kissing Panchi, witnessed by piddi and Ruku.

Next day at college, Kiya tells that she is going abroad for higher education upsetting KD. He tried to stop her but in vain. KD later discovered that the music school Kiya was going to is fake. Meanwhile, RV and Panchi realise their love. Ruku leaves the college and KD proves Kiya that the academy was fake. On new year Panchi professes her love.

Then comes Harsh Vardhan Sisodiya. He is a lookalike of Samar and is extremely arrogant. His life is in danger and he is being protected by JJ. JJ advises the buddies to befriend Harsh to which, they agree reluctantly. KD and Harsh develop hatred for each other due to Harsh's attraction towards Kiya. KD and Kiya plan to fake a breakup so that Kiya gets to know Harsh better. JJ organises a football match between Harsh and KD. During the match KD hurts his ankle due to Harsh. Panchi starts a mission 'Kill Harsh With Kindness'. The next day the a few students tell RV to resign from the president post and so he does just for Harsh. Piddi also apologises to Harsh and later Panchi is selected as the new president. JJ is kidnapped by a few miscreants while he was trying to save Harsh. They threaten the buddies to give Harsh and take JJ. They set to Jodhpur. Panchi is kidnapped unknowingly by a girl called Sheeba. When Harsh comes to know about the buddies' plan he runs, but is caught by KD. RV finds Panchi and is delighted. Kiya doesn't want to hand Harsh over to the kidnappers. So KD makes a plan to save both Jaitley and Harsh. The plan is a success but the kidnappers catch them and threaten to kill the buddies but due to KD and Sheeba's cleverness they escape. In this process KD and Harsh become friends. Sheeba also joins imperial.

Next day at college Sheeba's dad comes tries to take Sheeba with him, but she reveals that she loves Piddi and wants to marry him. Her dad agrees after a small test. The two are to be married the next day. Piddi hesitates to tell his mom about it. Then Sheeba comes and tells him that she is only marrying him for her freedom and will give him divorce. Piddi gets worried as he was really in love with Sheeba. The two get married, Harsh leaves and then comes Valentine's Day. It goes well for all the three couples and Piddi professes his love for Sheeba and she reciprocates.

Panchi decides to organise a fest called impulse and in order in order to do so she had to unite the chillars and dhakkans.

For the investors RV goes for the company of Maya Malhotra. She is JJ's school friend and they liked each other but after JJ' s parents expired, JJ wanted to start fresh and dumped Maya. Maya is here to take revenge but her plot is revealed. JJ tells the reason why he dumped her, and they reconcile. In this process Kiya's mum accepts KD. Impulse was a success. Panchi gets a scholarship in a university abroad and decides to take the opportunity. This upsets RV but he later agrees.

The rest of the show revolves on how RV, KD and Piddi start their career. The boys want to start a business. JJ and Maya advise them to help Maya's niece Vaani start a café. They agree reluctantly. The boys don't like how Vaani behaves. Slowly KD, Piddi and Sheeba get along with Vaani. Piddi gets a partnership in Vaani's cafe business. RV goes out of town. Vaani develops infatuation for KD. Once Vaani kisses KD on the cheek which is witnessed by RV and he misunderstands that KD is cheating on Kiya. RV is annoyed with KD as he isn't taking their business seriously and is only concentrating on Vaani's café. But then the two reconcile and RV also gets along with Vaani. Meanwhile, JJ and Maya decide to get engaged and go to America for a year or two due to JJ's work. The show ends with the successful inauguration of Vaani's café.

Season 1



  • Fahad Ali as Keshav "KD" Desai, The angry young man, scholar of the school
  • Bharati Kumar as Kiya Gujral, The diva of the school, singer
  • Kunal Jaisingh as Ranveer Shergill, The Casanova, Panchi's best friend
  • Palak Jain as Panchi Rastogi, The sweetest and most intelligent in the buddies, Ranveer's bestfriend
  • Nikhil Mehta as Pratham "Piddi" Punj, The most dimwitted of the buddies, loves KD and treats him like an older brother, likes Bobby
  • Manav Gohil as Anirudh "Junglee" Jaitely, The junglee of Royal who is now a sincere and successful man


  • Chestha Bhagat as Babita "Bobby" Chaudhary, The tomboy of the gang, loves football
  • Jatin Sharma as Samar Pratap Singh, The greatest mughal price after Salim, likes Juhi
  • Krishna Patel as Juhi Gupta, The gossip queen, likes Samar
  • Niharika Kareer as Ayesha, RV's ex-girlfriend
  • Minal Mogam as Anya Gujral, Kiya's self-centred elder sister who constantly taunts and ridicules her
  • Shweta Gautam as Mrs. Rastogi, Panchi's mom
  • Raja Sevak as Vice Principal Banga, The VP of Royal who hates the buddies
  • Shishir Sharma as Principal Ramanujam, Principal of Royal
  • Gargi Patel as Naina Ramanujam, Principal Ramanujam's wife

Season 2



  • Fahad Ali as Keshav "KD" Desai, The angry young man, Kiya's love interest
  • Bharati Kumar as Kiya Gujral, The diva, brilliant singer, KD's love interest
  • Kunal Jaisingh as Ranveer Shergill The Casanova, Panchi's best friend and love interest
  • Palak Jain as Panchi Rastogi, The sweetest and most intelligent in the buddies, Rv's bestfriend and love interest
  • Nikhil Mehta as Pratham "Piddi" Punj, The funniest person from the buddies, loves his 'KD bhai', Sheeba's husband
  • Manav Gohil as Anirudh "Junglee" Jaitely, The junglee of Royal who is now a sincere and successful man


  • Sonal Vengurlekar as Rukmini Sharma, Struggles as she doesn't know English, Rv's ex-girlfriend
  • Samridh Bawa as Omi Dhaiya, leader of chillar gang, the desi guy
  • Manish Nawani as Avijeet "Avi" Roy, leader of dhakkan gang, son of superstar Chandan Roy
  • Priya Bathija as Maya Malhotra, Investor for impulse, JJ' s fiancée
  • Jatin Sharma as Harshvardhan Sisodiya, the arrogant prince of Jodhpur and a look-alike of Samar who is disliked by the buddies
  • Chandni Sandhu as Vaani, Maya's niece, likes KD
  • Vikram Kocchar as Girish, a local gangster hired by Maya to cause riots in the college
  • Minal Mogam as Anya Gujral, Kiya's self-centred elder sister who constantly taunts and ridicules her
  • Shweta Gautam as Mrs. Rastogi, Panchi's mom
  • Kanika Kotnala as Avantika Roy, Avi' s mischievous sister, likes JJ
  • Narendra Jha as Chandan Roy, father of Avantika and Avi
  • Priyamvada Kant as Kamna, Kiya's friend who drugged and then tried to seduce KD


Producer Sudhir Sharma wanted the production team to relate to the ideas and thoughts of today's youth and wanted to work with people who could think the way today's youth does (the entire team is under 30 years of age). "We want to think the way today's youth is thinking. We are working with the people who can think the way today's youth thinks," said Sharma.[3] Hence, the story of the show has been written by Sajid Ali,[4] The series has been conceptualized by Anand Sivakumaran, who is also currently writing the story for Channel V's Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year and has earlier worked with Sunshine Productions on its highly successful TV series, Miley Jab Hum Tum.[5]


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