The Bloodstained Butterfly

The Bloodstained Butterfly (Italian: Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate) is a 1971 giallo film directed by Duccio Tessari. It was distributed in West Germany as Das Geheimnis der Schwarzen Rose (Secret of the Black Rose) which was the name of the Edgar Wallace story on which the film was based. It starred Helmut Berger and Ida Galli.[1]

The Bloodstained Butterfly
Directed byDuccio Tessari
Written byGianfranco Clerici
Duccio Tessari
StarringHelmut Berger, Ida Galli
Music byGianni Ferrio
CinematographyCarlo Carlini
Release date
10 September 1971
Running time
95 minutes


When an attractive college student (Carole Andre) is stabbed to death in the park during a rainstorm, the police arrest TV sports announcer Alessandro Marchi (Giancarlo Sbragia) as the killer. His attorney presents a weak defense and Marchi is incarcerated, not realizing his lawyer is having an affair with his wife, and the two are glad to get rid of him. But the murders continue, so the police begin to think they've jailed the wrong man.


Critical reception

AllMovie gave the film a positive review, writing "this beautifully assembled giallo is among the best of its time" and that it features a "genuinely intelligent script, a rarity in a subgenre generally known for flamboyant visuals at the expense of narrative cohesion."[2]


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