The Black Spider (1920 film)

The Black Spider is a 1920 British silent mystery film directed by William Humphrey and starring Mary Clare, Bertram Burleigh and Ronald Colman.[1] It is an adaptation of the 1911 novel of the same title by Carlton Dawe. The film was partly shot on location in Monte Carlo.

The Black Spider
Directed byWilliam Humphrey
Produced byEdward Godal
Written byCarlton Dawe (novel)
George Edwardes-Hall
William Humphrey
StarringMary Clare
Bertram Burleigh
Ronald Colman
CinematographyWilliam Shenton
Distributed byButcher's Film Service
Robertson-Cole Distributing Corporation (US)
Release date
May 1920
CountryUnited Kingdom


A series of robberies have been committed against wealthy inhabitants of Monaco by a thief known as 'The Black Spider'. A young woman steals her aunt's jewels as a joke, pretending to be the Black Spider, but a detective is soon on her trail.



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