The Bismarck Convoy Smashed

Bismark Convoy Smashed! is a 1943 Australian documentary film about the Battle of the Bismarck Sea on 2–3 March resulting in the claimed destruction of 22 Japanese ships, their crews and 15,000 soldiers. Actual Japanese losses were rather less, but still devastating.[1]

Bismark Convoy Smashed!
Directed byKen G. Hall (uncredited)
Produced byKen G. Hall (uncredited)
Narrated byPeter Bathurst
CinematographyDamien Parer
Edited byTerry Banks
Cinesound Productions
Department of Information
Release date
19 March 1943
Running time
9 minutes

It was also known as Battle of the Bismark Sea.

It used footage shot by Damien Parer.[2][3]


The story of a convoy of Japanese ships through the Bismark Sea which were attacked by the American Air Force and RAAF.


Parer later said he was too busy to be scared filming the action.[4][5]


The Recorder stated that "the thrill is contagious, and the watcher finds himself leaning well for ward in his seat to see the next episode of the great air victory—one of the biggest of the war. "Battle of the Bismarck Sea" is really something worthwhile in screen fare. If it were four times the length it would still be absorbing. All should see."[6] The Sydney Morning Herald wrote that:

The newsreel pictures... are among the most dramatic to be screened in Sydney. They offer a thrilling bird's-eye view of the bombing and machine-gunning of the Japanese convoy by Australian and American pilots. Many of the attacks were made by pilots flying above the enemy at only mast-high levels. The grim determination behind this great aerial attack is seen in more than one vivid scene. Less commentary would improve these newsreels.[7]


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