The Betrothed (1964 film)

The Betrothed (original Italian title:I promessi sposi) is a 1964 Italian-Spanish historical drama film directed by Mario Maffei and starring Gil Vidal, Maria Silva and Arturo Dominici. It is based on the 1827 novel The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni, one of three film adaptations made during the twentieth century.[1]

The Betrothed
Directed byMario Maffei
Written byAlessandro Manzoni (novel)
Mario Guerra
Vittorio Vighi
Maria Luisa Garoppo
Mario Maffei
StarringGil Vidal
Maria Silva
Arturo Dominici
Manuel Monroy
Music byCarlo Rustichelli
CinematographyJulio Ortas
Tino Santoni
Release date
20 February 1964
Running time
106 minutes

Plot summary

Lombardy: 1629. Renzo Tramaglino and Lucia Mondella are two poor farmers who are in love, but they are hampered by the wickedness of the powerful Don Rodrigo, who secretly loves Lucia. The two run away from Lake Como where they live, and take refuge inland paralklele. Renzo goes to Milan by a cousin, while Lucia is hiding in the convent of Monza, where he meets the Lady. Don Rodrigo, however, kidnaps Lucia from a friend of his: the Unnamed, who leads her in his castle. Lucia with prayers can move the cruel man, who lets her go. But now there's another issue that prevents Renzo and Lucia to meet: the plague.



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