The Beerists Podcast

The Beerists Podcast is a craft beer podcast from Austin, Texas. Every episode, the Beerists taste and review a panel of craft beers,[1] ending each episode with an individual rating of each beer. Some episodes include guest tasters. The podcast launched in May 2012,[2] created by John Rubio and includes the other three beerists, Anastacia Kelly, Grant Davis, and Mike Lambert.[3] Anastacia Kelly has since left the podcast, and the group now includes Laura Christie. In 2016, The Beerists Podcast won in the category of Arts for the People's Choice Podcast Awards.[4]

Meet The Beerists

John Rubio is the host and show runner of The Beerists Podcast. A professional Graphic Designer, he began his journey into craft beer in 1994 when he left home to attend university in central Texas. He currently works with several breweries on branding and design.

Grant Davis was a beer novice when started his tenure with The Beerists Podcast. Grant hosts and appears on a multitude of other podcasts, like The TV Dudes and Star Trek Discovery Pod, and co-runs a podcast recording studio in Austin, TX.

Mike Lambert has organized a monthly beer tasting in Austin for over 10 years, and currently works at a brewery in Austin, TX. Mike has been on The Beerists Podcast since episode three.

Laura Christie the newest co-host, Certified Cicerone, and beer educator. Her first official episode as a beerist was recorded on July 8, 2019.

Retired Beerists

Anastacia Kelly (beerist from 2012-2019) has been involved with the subject of craft beer for over a decade and has worked as a beer buyer, a brewpub bartender, and a brewery sensory analyst. Her last episode with The Beerists Podcast was recorded on July 1, 2019.

Rating System

At the end of every episode the Beerists give their individual recommendations for whether they think a beer is a buy, a try, a sigh, or a die. They also have the opportunity to nominate any beer featured on that episode for a Best of the Beerists award. It is then put to a vote, and a beer that has the majority is presented with an award.


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