The Bar (franchise)

The Bar (Swedish: Baren) is a reality competition television franchise that originated in Sweden and then Norway in 2000, and was developed in other countries starting from 2001. For around two months, a number of contestants work in a bar and try to avoid periodic publicly voted evictions from a communal house and hence win a cash prize. The show was devised by the Swedish company Strix.[1][2]

The Bar
Created byStrix
Original workBaren (Sweden)
Films and television
Television seriesThe Bar (independent international versions, see below)
First aired24 April 2000 (2000-04-24)

It first aired over TV3 Sweden on 24 April 2000.[3]

About The Bar

The Bar is all about staying in the game, but with the final power to decide resting firmly in the hands of the viewers. This format is a mixture of human relationships and elimination game, showing what happens when some charismatic strangers live together under the same roof to run a city center bar.

Bar is a completely interactive program where both viewers and internet surfers are part of the action. More than 25 web cameras are on-line round 24 hours a day in the bar and in the participants’ apartment. The viewers are urged to take decisions affecting the story lines. The bar is real and uniquely interactive, meaning anyone can drop by for a beer, hang out and talk to the contestants.

The program is stripped for approximately three months, the climax being the host-led live broadcast at the end of each week. Here the contestants candidly discuss the past six days’ events, holding nothing back in front of a live audience.

During the plus-and-minus meeting the contestants rate each other on their performances. The one with the lowest score becomes one of two nominees who can be voted out by the viewers during the live elimination show. Playing the elimination game is full of drama, because to remain in the show the contestants’ tactical instincts and the true nature of their relationships are brought to the surface. Despite this, no matter how they rate one another, they must always justify their choices in front of the viewers and their co- workers.

Having a good score is no guarantee for staying in ‘The Bar’, because the contestant with the highest score gets to choose the second nominee who can be voted out. When the choice is made, the rest is up to the viewers when they decide which of the two they will vote out.

Throughout the live show, a viewer poll is held by phone and via the Web and at the end of the broadcast one of the contestants is voted out. This elimination contest is at the very core of ‘The Bar’, as one by one the contestants are forced to leave the show. At the end of the series, after 11 tough elimination rounds, only the winner remains to claim the prize.

The Rules


  • If a barman neglects their duties, they may be punished by the Bar Manager.
  • If a barman receives 2 warnings, they will be disqualified from the show.
  • A barman must not leave the bar whilst on duty without permission.
  • There must be at least 4 barmen on duty during opening hours.
  • Barman must obey the Bar Manager.
  • Barman must be at the Bar during their schedule, lateness won't be tolerated.
  • Barman must not consume any alcohol whilst on duty.
  • Barman must not lend out money from the till.


  • On Wednesday evenings will be the Plus/Minus meeting.
  • Each Barman awards a minus to the Barman who they think should be eliminated.
  • Each Barman awards a plus to the Barman who they think most deserves to stay.
  • Minuses are deducted from pluses. The Barman with the lowest score will be the first person to be nominated for elimination.
  • The Barman with the highest score will choose who the second person that will be nominated for elimination.
  • In the event of a tie, the public will decide.
  • The public will decide which of the two nominated Barman will be eliminated from the show.

International versions

There are currently 45 winners of The Bar format. The most recent winner is Sandi Jug from Slovenia.

RegionLocal nameChannelWinnerMain Presenters
 Argentina El Bar TV América 2

Season 1, 2001: Federico Blanco
Season 2, 2001: Diego Plotino

Andy Kusnetzoff (Season 1-2)
 Cambodia CTN Coffee Shop CTN

Season 1, 2006: Lida Siv

 Croatia Bar Nova TV

Season 1, 2005: Damir Milanović

Marin Ivanović "Stoka" (Season 1)

 Czech Republic Bar TV Prima

Season 1, 2006: Marcela Baldas

Libor Bouček (Season 1)
Laďka Něrgešová (Season 1)

 Denmark Baren TV3

Season 1, 2001: Erkan Kilic
Season 2, 2002: Noel Johansen

 Estonia Baar Kanal 2

Season 1, 2004: Annika
Season 2, 2005: Alari Arnover

 Finland Baari SubTV

Season 1, 2006: Frank Tammin

Kirsi Salo (Season 1)
Silvia Modig (Season 1)
 Georgia GeoBar Rustavi 2

Season 1, 2005: Beso Sarjveladze
Season 2, 2006: Dato Geladze "Chele"
Season 3, 2006: Irakli Markhulia
Season 4, 2007: Dea Anna Adamia

Nino Khoshtaria (Season 1-4)
 Greece Bar (Season 1)
Party (Season 2)
Mega TV

Season 1, 2002: Andreas Paraskakis
Season 2, 2003: Maria Tsolaki "Lara"

Miltos Makridis (Seasons 1-2)
 Hungary Bár Viasat 3

Season 1, 2001: Tiger
Season 2, 2008: Dániel Izer Zoltán "Duda"

Péter Novák (Season 1)
Péter Majoros, Lia Kustánczi (Season 2)
 Latvia Bārs TV3

Season 1, 2003: Uldis Jēkabsons

 Lithuania Baras LNK

Season 1, 2003: Laimis
Season 2, 2004: Andrius

Baras 3
(All-Stars & Anonymous Contestants)

Season 3, 2005: Skaistė Būtytei

2 Barai TV3 Season 4, 2016: Julius Mocka

Season 5, 2017: Kristupas Albužis

Vaida Skaisgirė

Justinas Jankevičius

 Mexico El bar provoca Televisa

Season 1, 2006: José Luis Hernández García "Piter Punk"

Roberto Palazuelos (Season 1)
Roxana Castellanos (Season 1)
 Netherlands The Bar Yorin

Season 1, 2002: Camiel Vlasman

Matthias Scholten (Season 1)
 Norway Baren TV3

Season 1, 2000: Jamila Brodin
Season 2, 2001: Bjørn Sjulstok

Anders Høglund (Season 1-2)
 Poland Bar Polsat

Season 1, 2002: Adrian Urban
Season 2, 2002: Eric Alira
Season 3, 2003: Maciej Kiślewski

Krzysztof Ibisz (Season 1-6)
Bar Złoto dla Zuchwałych
(Reality All-Stars & Anonymous Contestants)

Season 4, 2004: Mirka Eichler

Bar Vip
(Celebrity & Anonymous Contestants)

Season 5, 2004: Ewelina Ciura

Bar Europa
(European Contestants)

Season 6, 2005: Thomas Amos

 Portugal O Bar da TV SIC

Season 1, 2001: Hoji Fortuna

Jorge Gabriel (Season 1)
 Slovenia Bar POP TV (1–2)

Season 1, 2005: Andrej Lavrič
Season 2, 2006: Emil Širić

Sebastjan Kepic (Season 1-3)

Jasna Kuljaj (Season 4)
Domen Kumer (Season 4)

Planet TV

Season 3, 2015: Črt Banko
Season 4, 2018: Sandi Jug

 Sweden Baren TV3 (1–5)
TV12 (6)

Season 1, 2000: Jocke Ekberg
Season 2, 2001: Dick Lundberg
Season 3, 2002: Tommy Öhver
Season 4, 2003: Mathias Edlund
Season 5, 2004: Daniel Hansen
Season 6, 2015: Ellinor Bjurström

Robert Aschberg (Season 1-5)
Paolo Roberto (Season 6)
  Switzerland Die Bar TV3

Season 1, 2001: Caroline

Yves Schifferle (Season 1)

Near copies of The Bar

These are formats similar to The Bar, but are not official Strix productions:

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