The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier

The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement is a World Heritage Site consisting of a selection of 17 building projects by the Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier.[1] These sites demonstrate how Modern Movement architecture was applied to respond to the needs of society and show the global range of a style and an architect.[2]

The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier, an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Includes17 sites on three continents
CriteriaCultural: (i)(ii)(vi)
Inscription2016 (40th Session)
Area98.5 ha (0.380 sq mi)
Buffer zone1,409.4 ha (5.442 sq mi)

List of the sites

PictureIDNameLocationCoordinatesProperty AreaBuffer Zone
1321-001Maisons La Roche et JeanneretFrance48°51′6.696″N 2°15′55.26″E0.097 ha (0.24 acres)13.644 ha (33.72 acres)
1321-002Petite villa au bord du lac Léman frSwitzerland46°28′6.29″N 6°49′45.61″E0.04 ha (0.099 acres)5.8 ha (14 acres)
1321-003Cité FrugèsFrance44°47′56.004″N 0°38′52.368″E2.179 ha (5.38 acres)26.475 ha (65.42 acres)
1321-004Maison GuietteBelgium51°11′1.201″N 4°23′35.7″E0.0103 ha (0.025 acres)6.7531 ha (16.687 acres)
1321-005Maisons de la Weissenhof-SiedlungGermany48°47′59.442″N 9°10′39.594″E0.1165 ha (0.288 acres)33.6213 ha (83.080 acres)
1321-006Villa Savoye et loge du jardinerFrance48°55′27.923″N 2°1′42.038″E1.036 ha (2.56 acres)155.585 ha (384.46 acres)
1321-007Immeuble ClartéSwitzerland46°12′0.576″N 6°9′23.072″E0.15 ha (0.37 acres)1.8 ha (4.4 acres)
1321-008Immeuble locatif à la Porte MolitorFrance48°50′36.204″N 2°15′4.644″E0.032 ha (0.079 acres)57.113 ha (141.13 acres)
1321-009Unité d’habitation MarseilleFrance43°15′40.932″N 5°23′46.248″E3.648 ha (9.01 acres)119.833 ha (296.11 acres)
1321-010La Manufacture à Saint-Dié frFrance48°17′26.952″N 6°57′0.9″E0.762 ha (1.88 acres)64.912 ha (160.40 acres)
1321-011Curutchet HouseArgentina34°54′40.83″S 57°56′30.57″W0.027 ha (0.067 acres)6.965 ha (17.21 acres)
1321-012Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de RonchampFrance47°42′16.164″N 6°37′14.808″E2.734 ha (6.76 acres)239.661 ha (592.22 acres)
1321-013Cabanon de Le CorbusierFrance43°45′34.992″N 7°27′48.24″E0.198 ha (0.49 acres)176.172 ha (435.33 acres)
1321-014Complexe du CapitoleIndia30°45′27″N 76°48′20″E66 ha (160 acres)195 ha (480 acres)
1321-015Couvent Sainte-Marie-de-la-TouretteFrance45°49′9.826″N 4°37′21″E17.923 ha (44.29 acres)99.872 ha (246.79 acres)
1321-016Musée National des Beaux-Arts de l’OccidentJapan35°42′55″N 139°46′33″E0.93 ha (2.3 acres)116.17 ha (287.1 acres)
1321-017Maison de la Culture de FirminyFrance45°22′59.484″N 4°17′20.641″E2.601 ha (6.43 acres)90.008 ha (222.41 acres)

Location maps

Location of sites throughout the world
Location of European sites in and around France


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