The Angel with the Trumpet (1950 film)

The Angel with the Trumpet is a 1950 British drama film directed by Anthony Bushell and starring Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney, and Norman Wooland.[2] It was based on a novel by Ernst Lothar. The film follows the rise and fall of an Austrian aristocrat, and her eventual death following the Anschluss. The film was a remake of a 1948 Austrian film Der Engel mit der Posaune.

The Angel with the Trumpet
Directed byAnthony Bushell
Produced byKarl Hartl
Written byFranz Tassie
Karl Hartl
StarringEileen Herlie
Music byWilly Schmidt-Gentner
CinematographyRobert Krasker
Edited byReginald Beck (sup.)
Distributed byBritish Lion Films
Release date
20 March 1950
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£86,265[1]


The head of a Viennese piano manufacturing firm marries the daughter of a Jewish academic. She has loved the Habsburg Crown Prince who cannot marry her.[3]

Partial cast


To reduce costs, this British film re-used much of the earlier Austrian film, especially for distance shots and for scenes with minor characters who were dubbed. In this way, Maria Schell and Oskar Werner launched their international careers in this film.[4]

It was the first film Bushell directed.[5]


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